Heatmaps for visualising exterior and interior space conditions

We can use the Map overlay icons to show condition of external elements over time (link) and use the location intelligence of satellite and street view to explore the micro-climate and materials on the building.

But what about internally? One exercise was to use Revit to show condition at each different year and export the models to slides as per THIS POST. Interesting but long and tedious.

Another method is to use heatmaps. Video (4min).

These can show each element in a list with a time series across the top and different colours to show the condition at any specific time. The more rooms we have, the longer the list. It only requires a key plan to show the room numbers so that the elements in the rooms can be referenced.

In the 2 examples, I have used the heat map:

1.External elements only and street view images to show the fabric of the building (link).

  1. External and internal, 2D plan showing room numbers and schedules and street view photos too (link).

I have also included comparison buttons so that you can compare BaseLife (average) Baselife Lower & BaseLife Higher to compare the extending of life of elements based on level of maintenance that is chosen.

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