OpenMAINT Email Part 2 -Working on Localhost

After my failure on trying to get Email working in openMAINT on the VPS I did a little more fossiking around on the web.

I came across this post on the CMDB forum.

Posted by Wei Xiang at Tuesday 03:05

Dear all,

I have two separate openmaint instances at the moment, one running on localhost, and the other running on a server. I am trying to get the email alerts (for workflow) to work for the server instance. 

The local one seems to work fine, so I attempted to replicate the conditions exactly for the server instance, but I still cannot get the emails to work. Can anyone give me advice or hints on what to look for when troubleshooting?

That I found interesting. As I had no success on the VPS I thought I’d heat up my localhost instance and try that. I have had some success.

This reminds me of the Tomcat login to server status page, I can do it on localhost but not on VPS. That is one I still haven’t resolved.

Anyway, emails are required. Since I am not on the VPS I will use some of my email addresses that I have in my AwardSpace Account. They are in Germany and their start up deals (and specials)  are pretty good, I have been very happy with their service, but the next year they hit you with a pretty steep bill so I am moving stuff slowly to my VPS with contabo, another German web host.

Anyway, I have created:

for guest –

for helpdesk-

The reason for the accounts is I am trying to follow the Maintenance Request Flow. The guest logs in and creates a MR and then the helpdesk approves it and creates a workorder for it.

So, to the setup of the email first:


I am using AwardSpace for emails , so I go into their panel regarding emails to find out the ports they are using and the email configuration for imap. (As you can see in the above example I am not using SSL so the port numbers are for non-SSL ( This is because for my server email I haven’t got it, so am testing on this to see if it works (I have already tested SSL with these emails on another instance of localhost and they worked))). [After test I found that you need SSL for the system to work]

So this gets me basic mail configuration apart from sent folder.

I am using Thunderbird to manage my webmail accounts. So if I go to my account and right click on the sent folder and choose properties, I get a pop up box that shows me the location of my sent  folder. I cut/paste this into openMAINT (see above).

Next I setup template to ensure correct emails are configured for the template I want to use. In this case the MR-Approval to Requestor.

Next, I go into users and groups and ensure emails associated with groups and users

Next, I will create 2 tasks.

The first will be- When an email arrives in Helpdesk inbox from guest with subject test email helpdesk will automatically send an email to guest with MR-Approved to Requestor template email

The 2nd will be – When guest sends an MR  Helpdesk reviews MR, if Helpdesk approves MR and starts Work Order then an email goes to Guest telling guest that MR has been approved. This is triggered by Helpdesk approving MR so Process automatically activates the email

2nd process


Note, for the Process Attribute Name this is from a pull down menu that you choose from. For the value you have to go back into the administration module and  get value. A bit of a pain

Note that the two tasks are ACTIVE in OpenMaint.

Another area to check for setup of emails is with Teams, Companies, Persons, Departments & SEATS?( Not sure what the intention is of the last one, may be more relevant to IT than FM). Check to see that whatever happens in your processes that the relevant selected parties emails are set up too.(Eg for Maintenance Requests this flows onto work order that requires a team to carry out the task, so emails should be active for teams)

So we have setup the email with a guest and a helpdesk  group. Also 2 task manager activities.  Now to test them.

I will log in as guest and create a couple of Maintenance Requests and then re-login as helpdesk and approve those requests.

And checking on emails in thunderbird cMR-2017-00028 & 29 come through on email


Hurrah!!! It works.

A couple of things to note.

  1. It seems that SSL is required for it to work.
  2. I noticed that on Data Management Module / Email / Queue I had not clicked Start Button in top right hand side so this was not active (I actually looked for email.conf in tomcat/webapps/OpenMaint using search and set it to active in that).
  3. The respond to email in Inbox did not seem to activate- That was task 1 that I set-up without attaching it to a process in the task setup. It may work with a synchronized/async task and I may explore that later. As long as the emails are sent for the main processes is great.

I will now go and rebuild my VPS and see if that is the case on the server.

I hope this helps others,

visit the forum page to add any issues you may be having.

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