How to visualise building condition changing over time

Here is a video (13 min) on a method to how to  visualise multiple building elements condition changing over time.

To explore the tool go HERE.

The tool is based on using the Google Maps API with javascript coding that you can find HERE.

The example is based on 3 buildings external elements:

  1. Has a Google Maps base map (called from internet- open)
  2. Has data overlaid onto the map from a Json file stored on my VPS (so data is controlled buy client and client can control who views this data (by creating a login or only allowing people in organization to view))
  3. Has buttons top left that allow the data to change depending on the year that is being inspected, the further away from the current time the elements  condition gets worse, as expected, but as each elements condition will get worse at different rates, you can see what groups need to be replaced at a specific time. ( These buttons could be changed to a slider, but I have not found a project that has allowed me to develop that yet)
  4. The 2 graphs at the bottom are calculations of maintenance costs on the buildings over time, this is done with the SPM Assets software analysis. There is also the current value of the “improvements” of the site  (ie building, not land value), so you can see when accrued maintenance costs start to rise above actual cost of the property.
  5. The data for the 2 graphs and for the condition of the external elements through the years was done by using FME (as this was an office bought product) although I have generally use Knime Analytics, its free and I have found it very good.
  6. The map can be viewed as A MAP or SATELLITE views and street view can also be used to have a closer look at the property’s.
  7. The information was initially developed in Excel and was converted at the end to JSON just so the dataset could be read by JavaScript.

The 2 other blogs I have written regarding developing these maps can be found HERE and HERE.

I extend this idea in my next post How to visualise building data from databases.

I then have a 3rd video on mapping that shows how to use the map as a place to link data from multiple sources and have a common reference point to find that data How to use Maps to find Data on Assets

I hope this has been of interest.


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