How to make Screen Capture Video’s and post to YouTube for free

I have a website with demonstrations that does not seem to get too many visitors. I am not sure why as the blogs about the subjects have a good response.

So I decided to do a couple of videos and post them to YouTube.

I have completed and posted a number of videos in the past demonstrating Data Extraction from BIM but with text only. This time I thought I would try voice over.

In fact, I wanted the little image in the corner of me whilst I was demonstrating the sites (in the end this was not to be with freeware).

Exploring Free Software

So, I started looking for some software for recording.  I have Windows 10 computers, in fact a Surface Book & a Surface 3 tablet.

1 of 6– OBS

My initial foray found OBS (Open Broadcast Software)  which is free. I downloaded it to try. Initially , with the help of Mr YouTube I got it going, with the little web cam of me in the box in the corner of the screen. There are setting setups that are shown on begging with OBS on Mr YouTube.

Then I had a hiccup! I only have my laptops, and with the OBS programme open on the screen you could not see the screen display to do the screen capture video. So I needed a second screen. I did not have a second monitor, but I had some tablets.  I came across this article about windows 10 and connecting to a second screen. which I thought was pretty cool, so I distracted myself for the evening getting it running, which it finally did.

So, I could move the OBS programme onto the 2nd screen and use the first screen for the demo. That was good apart from the OBS programme decided it will show my Web Cam but not the Display (A black screen of Death). So I looked around for some free recording tools and came across another Windows 10 feature, a secret recording tool. See this article. Simple to use and works fine, to a point.

2 of 6– Windows XBox Gaming Screen Capture

The Windows key and G work fine if you have set up for the browser, if you hop between browser pages, all good, but if you open up another programme it still shows the browser, even though the other programme is to the front of the screen on your monitor. I had this instance when I opened a PDF file in adobe viewer. So I found whenever I left the browser I had to make a different video of that part and splice it with video editing software into the other video, then I had to compile them and then post to YouTube.

Posting to YouTube

The recommendation is that you video in MP4 format.

To post a Video to YouTube I found this video pretty easy to follow.

The first 3 videos I did using the Xbox Game Screen Recorder (Windows key and G) ended up fine. (Note if Windows key and G don’t work straight away, search for the Xbox App and start that, then try again, you get a pop up box asking if its a game, just tick yes and it comes up with recording bar).

You can find them HERE, HERE & HERE. Simple but that is what I wanted to start with. I dislike the sound of my voice and I use a lot of repetitive hums and speech pattern is awful, but hopefully that will improve with practice.

These were simple videos based on screen capture, I did not get my face in the little box, so I looked around for other software and came across this articleFilmora = 0/10 for marketing strategy.

3 of 6– Filmora

It is biased, as its from Filmora, but it had all the elements that I wanted, so I thought I would try it. The table on the scroll down shows all the features I wanted. It also has integrated editing so not only capture but editing also in the same tool. Don’t bother, full watermark across video. It is only after you have done recording and need to export it that they tell you. Please note, they do not tell you that on their blurb at the front. Sneaky advertising, made me waste my time. I DO NOT SUPPORT THIS TYPE OF SELLING.

So, back to the Xbox screen recorder for me and a bit more research into free video making tools.

4 of 6Ezvid For Windows

I tried to use was Ezvid For Windows.  Free , but has music that you have to use if you wish to have sound and also has an intro piece.  The intro piece I don’t mind, but the music does not do anything for me. If I see a YouTube Vid with music overlay I usually switch off, so I uninstalled that one pretty quickly.

5 of 6– Cam Studio

I then tried Cam Studio, very nice and simple except it recorded to an AVI file. This sent me on a runaround trying to find an AVI to MP4 converter when in fact YouTube uploads AVI’s fine. So a handy little programme.

WARNING- Go to SOURCEFORGE TO DOWNLOAD ( the main website one seems to have a virus).

This programme allows you to jump between programmes on your screen so that is great, as the video I was recording was jumping between Adobe Reader & Excel and it did a fine job.

It minimises, has hot keys, usual stuff, and reasonably intuitive, although I’m sure there are YouTube videos out there to show you HOW TO.

I then came across this YouTube video that talked about free screen capture software:

So I tried the iSpring software and its pretty good. It has editing tools too which is nice. I have done a couple of tests, I did have a concern that some of the text was at low resolution, but when I adjusted the resolution in YouTube to HD it was all fine and legible.

There is also a free editing software that looks pretty impressive DaVinci Resolve that I may have to try too.

6 of 6– iSpring

I  have found this to be a simple tool to use. It has some editing capability and records the video and opens it for viewing/editing. You need to save and that is when it compiles the video to a WMV format that uploads to YouTube fine. There is a direct upload to YouTube but I generally save it and then upload it later as I usually embed the video in a post.

I have found that after recording the video , but before saving it, if you play the video the sound & images can be out of sync which is a bit confusing, but after saving it it is fine. In Edit mode the sound/image seem to sync. Interface below.

I have found it is slow to open in the next part of the operation and you are wondering if the video has stopped or not. I use fast keys Ctrl-S to stop the video, and nothing happens for a while. It is processing in the background, so you need to be patient.

YouTube or Vimeo

I have, to date, been posting to YouTube.

I thought I’d try Vimeo. The issue I have is that with the free account you are only allowed to upload 500MB per week. With a maximum limit of 5GB. I had 2 videos to post and it could only upload one of them. So I’ll stay with YouTube for the moment thank you.

Thoughts on the process

To date I have posted 7 videos with voice over. They are simple videos with minimal editing.

3 were done with the Xbox screen capture tool, 3  with Cam Studio and 1 with iSpring.

My objective was to use FREE tools, not paid versions of free tools.

The Xbox screen capture would not change programmes, so that is why I moved to Cam Studio, but that does not allow any editing.  iSpring programme  is pretty good and has limited editing as it all seems to be on the same track, voice and video.

I may try Cam Studio again and look into the Da Vinci Resolve editing programme.

Overall I am happy with Cam Studio & iSpring. Also if you are just keeping to one programme the Xbox screen capture is pretty good and it saves as it goes.

I have just been using iSpring for a 5 minute video on 360 panoramas and ended up having to break it down into 1.30 minute segments and use a editing programme to stitch them together. A pain, I need to check the CPU to see just how demanding the programme is. I have 16 Gb of RAM and an i7 chip so it shouldn’t have these problems. I even did a reboot and shut down all programmes not relevant to the video.

I didn’t get my picture in the little box, but maybe later I’ll revisit OBS as that seemed pretty powerful.

I found the Vimeo free offerings pretty meager, but will explore other alternatives to YouTube in later exercises. Although YouTube is 1/Easy to Upload, 2/ Easy to Manage and 3/easy to embed.

I did have one video that I couldn’t upload to YouTube for copyright issues???? for the 3D PDF example I originally loaded (about 3 years ago) and I could not figure what it was, in the end it wasn’t posted, which was a shame.

I wish you luck, enjoyment and a smooth videoing experience. 

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