Totally FREE Property Management Information Site Part 2

This post follows on from Totally FREE Property Management Information Site (apart from your time) Part 1

Video (6.16Min)

The main property plugin is this one:

WP-Property-Property and Real Estate Management Plugin for WordPress. Create a directory of real estate / rental properties and integrate them into you WordPress CMS.

There is a video on the plugin site showing how its used. Also if you go to YouTube & put  WP-Property in the search bar there are a few videos there on setting it up.

These are the other plugins that I used to develop the page, you will see examples of most of them on the demonstration site Property Information.

Database Browser-Easily browse the data in your database, and download in CSV, XML, SQL and JSON format (Test Code for Dynamic Tables- It writes the SQL Query to the Database)

EZ SQL Reports Shortcode Widget and DB Backup-Create and save SQL queries, run them from the Reports tab in your Admin, place them on the Dashboard for certain User Roles, or place them on Pages and Posts using the shortcode. And keep your database safe with scheduled backups. (THIS DOES DYNAMIC TABLES)

Geo Mashup-Save location for posts and pages, or even users and comments. Display these locations on Google, Leaflet, and OSM maps. Make WordPress into your GeoCMS.

gPano-The plugin allow embed the Google street view panoramas to wordpress

Image Hotspot by DevVN-Image Hotspot help you add hotspot to your images.

ImageMapper-Create interactive and visual image maps with a visual editor!

PDF Embedder-Embed PDFs straight into your posts and pages, with flexible width and height. No third-party services required.

Snazzy Maps-Apply styles to your Google Maps with the official Snazzy Maps WordPress plugin.

WP Booklet-Allows creation of flip books using the jQuery Booklet plugin.

WP Photo Sphere-A filter that displays 360ร—180 degree panoramas

Refer to Totally FREE Property Management Information Site (apart from your time) Part 1 for links to other posts.

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