An API automated process test Web Form data to Trello with Zapier

I clicked on this video and decided to try to set up the process that is demonstrated from about 30 minutes in on the video, connecting Wufoo Contact page on my website to a Trello shareable list Dashboard via a Zapier integration.


After signing up to free accounts in Wufoo, Trello & Zapier, I got the Wufoo web form “Contact Me” page up and running and it sent information to the Wufoo account

I then setup the Trello Account with a board and an Inbox, as per the video

I then made a ZAP to connect  Wufoo and Trello. The tests all worked. But when I tried to switch on my free ZAP I get told my free Wufoo account has exceeded its daily limit. The “Contact Me” forms do appear in the Trello account, so the process does work at least.

I retested this process with Cognito forms instead of Wufoo and the process works fine.

I also did an automatic process with sending weather to Email automatically as well. (You could do this with a weather app just as easily) but its an exercise of the process. 

The Apps





1.Setting up Wufoo contact form and embedding it in website

   2.Setting up Trello Board

3.Setting up ZAP

So all works fine until I try and switch the zap on on the last image above.


If you look at the boxed content 3 images above, you’ll see the same content in the Trello Inbox in the images below.

So the information has moved from the Website “Contact Me” Page to Wufoo site and then been passed through the Zapier Site to the Trello site. Which says that all the API connects work.  Just a shame that the Wufoo free plan is so limited.

End Thoughts

Although I didn’t get this particular ZAP working I can see the potential for using the Zapier process to connect data between apps to automate some processes.

I was a bit disappointed in Wufoo, the form on the website was a bit poor, some of the styling did not come across, although I could have installed the wordpress plugin for it and used a shortcode. The main issue being the very limited access via the free account.

I retested this process with Cognito forms instead of Wufoo and the process works fine. Another app with a free account.

The Zapier App is similar to the IFTTT (If This Then That ) App. It is quite extensive and there seem to be some nice connections there, although the really nice ones (like SQL Server & Postgres Server) are premium apps, so you need a paid version to  use them.

I think I will have to have another look at the IFTTT app too.

This is a good a good article about the free Zapier with some comparison with IFTTT.

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