Scheduling a process with Task Manager

On exploring VoiceMacro I noticed that it has a scheduler, so you can start your scripts at a specific time.

I realised that with AutoHotKey .AHK its not as elegant, but you can use your computers Windows Task Scheduler. If you go to your start button and type Task Scheduler it comes up.

The first video demo’s how to run a autohotkey EXE file using Task Scheduler , the 2nd example is just a demo of a couple of scheduled tasks using .BAT files to open and close multiple programmes in windows with Task Scheduler.

I went through and followed the process with my opening the web page and logging into my blog website. The steps below show it for a Computer startup but I wanted to change it to run when I logged in to my PC so I rescheduled it, it was quite easy to do. I then locked myself out of my computer and had to re-boot so it started on when I logged in. It opened the browser and tried to but the pause timing is still a bit off so it didn’t quite open the page, but after VoiceMacro started I did a voice command and it started fine.ย  So, principles are sound, just my shonky coding to get right and it’ll run like a dream.

I had a bit of a read about workarounds for sending mail, usually linked to an event, eg a log event and then that triggers an email being sent somewhere. PowerShell command line is used instead of the task manager, and as that is dos stuff I didn’t bother to read much further, but it is possible.

I took this screenshot of some of the scheduled tasks on my computer, a bit scary how many of them are there:

Scheduling an Automation

This could be a useful tool in my arsenal for automating specific tasks, especially on my VPS (Virtual Private Server) as that is running continuously so scheduling tasks in the middle of the night would be no problem.

You could go and scrape some stock market web pages around the world and compile the results in a Spreadsheet or some other event.ย  This is the personal one I was looking to do with UiPath of getting some specific information like weather and tides and then putting it into an email to send to myself. A personalised update to start the day.

Scheduled Emails

I am still trying to figure out how I could automate this. In Thunderbird there is a send later add-on and Gmail has boomerang. Either I have to automate the writing of an email or setup how to do an attachment to an email.

A simple solution I’ll test is just do a File > Attach> Web Page and get a browser page links and then use the Thunderbird Plugin Send Later to schedule a daily email with the links.

Unfortunately, it comes out garbled in the email, saying that JavaScript is not enabled (I checked, it is in Thunderbird) . Here is a discussion about it. I went to Thunderbird Config and checked on JavaScript.enabled (true) and restarted TBird, still no joy.




Also the attachments get a bit garbled too. This is what the web page link is:!/two-day

And this is what comes from the attachment:


The first part has a file path and the https onwards have no “/” in the path, so cant find. Also the # is changed to %23

You could just have a set of links in the body of the email, that would work. You’d still have to open the pages to see what they say (Another way is to put them in a specific folder in Bookmark toolbar and ight click on that tab and select “Open All in Tabs”)

The Send Later add-in for Thunderbird works fine though.

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I found the Task Scheduler quite easy to use. I’ll think about where I could use it in an automated process.

I’ll need to investigate the email situation a bit more, there is potential there, it needs a bit more exploration and research.


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