Win productivity free “Executor” app launcher & Firefox Notes


Executor is a multi purpose launcher sporting many optional customizable features and advanced setup.

Executor is like Launchy & Wox. It does the same thing but it is easier to get to grips with and easy to set up for programmes, search queries and folders.

I like it so much I’ve uninstalled Wox and used the Alt + Spacebar key for Executor instead. I’ll keep Launchy for the moment to explore and compare with it.

I found the documentation gave examples so you could copy, test then alter to suit your own needs.

The only thing I’m having a wee issue with is “cut”/”paste” from a previous search. Sometimes it just pastes a blank, so you have to type it in by hand, other times it works fine (say initial search was in google and you now want to do one in YouTube).

I’ve only started using it but feel I’ve got a lot further with it than I did with either Wox or Launchy as I can access my folders pretty quickly with short keys (eg Download is dl) so I think this will work in well with Quick Access Popup (QAP) too. There are extra parameters that I havent explored yet such as groups for single command, it seems similar to QAP. Also there are special  commands such as:

$P$ will in any keyword field (when editing the keyword) be replaced with the parameter part of the text input. Example input is “photoshop -nosplash” We have photoshop as a keyword and in any of the fields (command, parameter etc.) for the photoshop keyword $P$ will be replaced with “-nosplash”. Using $P1$ $P2$ $P3$ etc. you can target individual parameters.

So I’m looking forward to extending its use in the future.

Firefox “add-in” – Firefox Notes

I’m setting up my new PC and was installing Firefox add-ins that I’ve mentioned previously and came across another sidebar note, this time called Firefox Notes.

Its similar to Five Notes but you can add them all on one page and  you can format your notes too:

I’ve got used to the handy access to make a note in the browser, this offers extra formatting and also you can add individual notes for each subject, whereas in Five Notes I just drop a lot of information in each tab. It may suit my process better. I’ll try and see.



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