Creating embedded form with alternative choices in Google Docs

After the success of my previous automated quoting service Creating free embedded automated quote for service with Google Docs I found a couple of things that I wanted to try to extend this process.

The first is multi sections in forms and the second is, instead of using the Google Sheets Document Studio Addon I would try the AutoCrat addon instead. To evaluate different addons.

1. Multi sections in forms

The video below demonstrates the process, in a multi choice question how, depending on which is your choice, it jumps you to a different section to answer questions specific to that choice.

I am offering 3 services to quote, so depending on which button you select it will take you to a different section to answer the question.

So, in the multi choice question:

I thought I could use checkboxes to get multiple cell answers but it just made a string in the same cell, so I had to restructure form to make individual Yes/No answers.

2. Results to Sheet with Vlookup on 2nd sheet

I had to play around with some of the formulae so that I got what I wanted, but in the end got the results. These formulae need more testing but I have a basic setup ready for using with the “Quote Template”.

I kept getting an errors in that it wouldn’t read the string “Yes” so I had to use the exact() function to force it to do so.

3. Quote Sheet

I filled out the “Quote sheet template” as if I was using “Document Studio”(DS). I have now made a copy for using AutoCrat, which is pretty similar to DS, but instead of “{{}}” it uses “<<>>” around variables.

So I’ve written the template for DS but will use Fin d/replace  to change “{{” to “>>” and  “}}” to “>>”  then it should be ready for testing.


I followed this video, the programme did pretty much what it said in the video, no surprises. I’d been a bit relaxed in my setup

I really like the mapping process, it is a good check to see if you are mapping the correct variables to the correct places.

Sheet 2:

5. Output- Email, Storage directory & PDF

The email was pretty standard, same as Document Studio although I’m not sure if you can put HTML into it.

It is interesting that it stores the “Quotes” output as a Sheet, rather than as a PDF. This has pros and cons.


You need to go back to the email to get the explicit document that you sent, that you know the client has


If client wants adjustments you can do them easily on the fly in the spreadsheet and generate a modified quote quickly.

Actual output PDF. I need to tweek this a bit or else make it clear how they filled in the form , the “Yes” in the Quantity column is confusing, although the Quantity is in the number of rooms it should be more clear in the quote.

End comment

This process was a little bit more elaborate than my panorama form, but it went well. I really thought I’d be struggling with the formulae a lot more but my familiarity with the process in the previous exercise seems to have paid off. The process has gone well (so far), but still needs testing.

The formulae were slightly different than in the previous process and I do need to test them to check that they are robust.

The free autoCrat addon instead of Document Studio setup went well, I quite like it, and it seems to be a “FREE” addon without constraints. I will possibly try it out in the next automation process (3dPDF’s quote) and see how it does on that.

As I have a sheet as a record maybe I should look at a “Zapier” or IFTTT process to take the attachment of some of my emails (I wonder if I can filter them?) to save them to this sub-directory so that i have the sheet & the pdf for a more robust record.

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