Write post in Google Docs and post on WordPress

There seems to be a few plugins that will take your article in Google docs and post on a WordPress site.

The first one I came across was an addon in Google Docs called WordPress.com for Google Docs. This requires you to have the Jetpack plugin on your WordPress site. I’m not keen on that plugin as its a bit in your face with trying to get you onto its paid version so I never install it.

There are about 3 other Addon’s in Google Docs and they all get about 2 ½ to 3 stars in the Addon rating listing.

One of the addon’s requires you to have a Google Docs Addon, , a wordpress plugin & a chrome extension, that all seems a bit complicated.

There is a web service, Wordable, that does the process, there’s a free trial then you have to have a paid account, so that limits that as far as I’m concerned.


Then there is doing it manually. I quite liked the process of the presenter in the video below, but you have to import the images/videos in separately in the normal WordPress fashion.

The issue with the Addon’s in Google Docs is that they bring the same fonts across and inside WordPress you cannot change these over, so your post will look dis-similar to others on the site that were created in WordPress.

There is an alternative of embedding the Google Doc inside WordPress. I want to explore that in another post. But what that will do is keep the Google Docs text styles as well, so will always look different than a WordPress post.

WordPress plugin import .DOCX

In this article there is a suggestion (item 3) of using a WordPress Plugin called “Mammoth .docx Converter Plugin” that requires you to save your Google Doc to a word file on your PC then upload it into WordPress.

This at bottom is the “Publish to Web” embed link

I had to add a width & height to the iframe as the size of the embedded link was very small on the page. I made width =900 and height = 11oo on the embedded iframe below


Testing the Mammoth. Docx Plugin

I’m glad I had the article about this plugin. After loading it up I couldn’t find where it was located, it comes at the bottom of the post page. Its quite handy giving you a preview of the document before you load it.

This seemed to convert the text quite nicely. The image came across fine.

I had to cut/paste the iframe embed links in the Text tab and overwrite the ones in the visual tab. It was a bit odd but it switched back to them being in the visual tab looking like html code. I did it again but this time did a save and that seemed to work.

The link came across fine too, and I only had to setup the “Open link in new tab” option, as this is my preference with links on my site.

The headers seem to have symbols to the left in Visual tab, but these disappear on the actual post page

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I have done all my previous posts in WordPress. Now , this is an alternative.

The Addons inside Google Docs were not very good, so I’d stay away from them.

I’d only use the manual method if I had to, as you still need to manage the images as well as doing the find/replace on the text.

The Mammoth .docx Converter Plugin I’d use, its more versatile as not only can it work with Google docs on a simple download but should also work with a Word doc if I receive one of those and with OpenOffice and Libre Office which is what I’m now using on my PC. So a far far more flexible option. There seems to be a bit of scruffiness in the visual tab with headers  but its fine in the post itself.

The one thing I have not tested is lists (or tables actually) and I need to check those out.

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