Free Manager for Custom Context Menus in Windows

Example of Context menu pop-outs

Interface for setting up:

pyWinContext  is a Free Manager for Custom Context Menus in Windows. You can download the actual compiled .exe file here.

There is a video on use case here, its not in my area of interest but you can see how useful it is:

After uploading and starting it up I went through the basic tutorial…. then stopped.

Basic tutorial here. If you select a text file, right click on file  and new choice “List File Details” added, if selected then it runs the code. Code in the example:

echo Name: %~n1
echo Filetype: %~x1
echo File Size: %~z1

There was only the one simple tutorial, and the only other resource I’ve seen is the Video above. So you have to work out your own need and code for that.

I can see the free Batchrun programme, which I discuss in this post Automation in Windows free tools could be useful, as one of the features that the programme has is AFTER executing a command/batch file it allows you to connect another Batch file onto the end of it, so increasing its functionality.

Also in the post above for Batchrun is a piece on using PowerShell. There may be a way of using a batchfile to activate and run a PowerShell Script. I was a bit disillusioned by PowerShell when the first thing I wanted to do with it (login to my Web Blog in Firefox) ended up being difficult and I had to use a  pretty crude method to do so.


When looking at the filetypes, of which there is a very long and impressive list, I noted that there are not any Revit or DWG type files.

It says you can add filetypes in the file on Github. I tried adding these on another PC and they didn’t show up, but I just did that same test here and the .RVT filetype was added.

Resources that VodBox provides in link to page on variables to use:

Variables and parameters are handled directly by the batch interpreter in Windows. You can find a helpful list of these here

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Thank you  VodBox for an intriguing tool.

I wanted to do a quick post on this so that I have the information to hand. I can see potential for using this to automate some simple processes but at this moment do not have any that aren’t covered by my other automation tools that I have setup.

I like the idea of pop-outs in the right click on files. Its interesting in that if the filetype is not one that is associated with a command then the option does not show up in the right click menu.

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