Clickup first look

I am just over viewing the tool at the moment. I setup a process in Notion for some tasks I want to get done.

I need to find a project that I can use for Clickup. I haven’t one at present. It was on my Notion list, and when I looked at it I saw a couple of features I liked so I am just writing a short post about it at present.

Clickup is another productivity app similar to Notion.

It has a free pricing option, like Notion too. Also it can be used for an individual or for a team.

Here is a quick overview video, it looks like his setup is quite complex

Like Notion, it has online access, a desktop app and a mobile app, so its quite accessible across your devices and whether you are in the office or out and about.

Unlike Notion, it doesn’t seem to have tables, but has a limited amount of integration with google calendar. Something I thought was missing and was disappointed with with Notion.
If you have a team productivity tool and you can only have the calendar within the tool but not with your usual calendar, then it only has limited use as you are managing 2 calendars at the same time.


Clickup and Google Calendar

With Clickup you can sync to google calendars and choose which calendar to sync with, but only things you have pushed into Clickup calendar will be synced with google calendars.
I have just tried syncing my normal google calendar with Clickup and nothing happened, as no events were created in Clickup.

I was initially disappointed, then I thought, just create a specific NEW calendar in Google Calendars that is specific to Clickup. Then have that as part of your overall Google Calendar environment, so your normal calendar will be up to date. I need to look to set this up and test it.

Clickup,ย  Gantt Chart & Time Management

As mentioned above, Clickup does not seem to have tables, but it does allow for dependencies in tasks, so that you can build a Gantt chart of your information. That’s a handy tool if you are trying to work out the critical path and time frame of a project (something I’d be quite interested in not doing)ย  but good to see there is a free tool that you can use for that. There was mention, in the video that I watched, that part of that was only accessible in the paid version. If that is the case, you can always pay for a month and setup the Gantt.

Here is a video on the Gantt chart in Clickup


Another thing I like is that it has some time management tools so you can manage time against a project or during your day. There are a lot of tools out there that make this simple and useful thing difficult because its in their paid version and want you on that plan.

Integration with other apps

It does link to other apps, but the only two I’m really interested in are Google Calendar and Google Drive. There is supposed to be a Firefox add-in coming sometime, but it is not available at present.


It seems to have a comprehensive interface, with filters and other tools and uses a lot of the edges to show tools, from projects and spaces on the left side, views and tools along the top and a generous main area where to process the content.

End comment

This looks like it has some nice features that appeal to me. The integration with calendars, and the fact that you have several layers of structures, spaces, projects, lists/tasks. Also it can be used on a personal basis without a team, like Notion.

As a project management tool it looks quite versatile, although some of the videos show an interface that looks quite overwhelming.

I will definitely have to find a project and give it a basic test run.

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