QR code uses 2

In the last post QR code practical uses I explored a few uses like vCards and wifi connections. At the end of the post there were still a few items I wanted to try.

SMS message

The instance that I came across was an after-hours locked off lift. A sign with a barcode allowed you to scan and it sent an SMS message to the organizer to come down and let people in. The nice thing about that one is it could be used this is that a static one could be used over and over (unless the organiser changed). So I tried that out using the goqr.me site, and it works fine.


I then tried geolocation by getting my lat/long from google maps, and adding to barcode generator

I had a little bit of an issue with my mobile asit opens google maps and puts the location in the middle of the msap, but there is no pin. It asks to turn on location, but that only shows where my phones current location is. This needs a little more testing.


This works fine. After testing it I wondered if I should just put email address and let whoever scanned put in subject header, or whether I should preformat this so I know where emailer got the information on. I suppose it depends on the situation. Works fine.

The more text you put in the more complex and smaller the pixels will be, so less is more (accessible) . Same goes for SMS and calendar event


This is interesting in that the calendars are in German but the main page in English. Also, based on GMT (Grenwich Mean Time), so, being in NZ there is a difference, but that is dependent on Daylight saving. So a few adjustments to make.

As it generates the barcode on the screen you can test it to see that the settings are correct. Mine were out because of daylight saving so I had to adjust before using.

On mobile it gave me option of which calendar to use and then set the event up. I suppose it could be used for creating reminders by having simple blank ones at the door to scan and then add more information.

On Drawing Title Blocks- update 17th Nov 2019

I wondered whether I could put a QR code on a Drawing title block. Details of designers/owners contact details. I created the QR code and put it on an A3 sheet title block.

It scanned on the Revit title block but when I created a PDF it became very grainy and couldn’t be scanned. So unless the QR image is greater in size, or has less information (a more simple and less granular QR code) it doesn’t seem to transfer.

I think is better to have no QR code rather than one that may or may not scan depending on quality of PDF. On print it could be seen as acceptable not to be able to scan, but on a PDF where you ca zoom into it, it would be important to be scannable.

A test, unfortunately not a successful one, that is why they are not common on drawings one would assume.

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I can see a few uses for these, even just a QR code for phone number for someone to scan, instead of vCard.

I wonder about using QR codes in PDF’s with business contact. If PDF printed out then hyperlinks wont work but QR code will. (See test in paragraph above)

I’m still wondering if you can use it on room data sheets. You scan the QR code and it gives you a link to a copy of drawing for that room (pdf download) or takes you to web page (dynamic barcode) where there is data for that building /room with dynamic tables.

As its an image you can bring it into Revit and put in schedule or in room or title block, (See test in paragraph above) but not an object that you could use in 3D Text. I wonder if there is a way to create a 3d object/family/mass from 2d image to float in room?

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