360 panorama free online viewer

I was trying to resolve how to make a 360 panorama in Simlab Composer 8 pro, as shown in this video and went back to the article Take Your Designs to a New Level with 360 3D and it mentioned 360Player.io, which I have not come across before, so I had to quickly test it.

You have to create an account and there is a free version that you can use, here are their plans:

Since most of my images are in the 5MB range this works well. The plan allows for embedding the images into a web page, and there is unlimited storage.

There is optimisation for mobiles and the image below shows a full screen view on my phone, so that is handy too. It does stereo viewing with a CARDBOARD viewer. I split it but couldn’t get it back to the single view. I may even trey it on my viewer to see what its like in stereo.

I’d be a bit wary about loading lots of images onto a single web page as it will take a long time to load all the images.

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I’ll do a bit more testing on this at another time, but the free service seems to be quite generous and it works well on the mobile device over wifi. I’ll have to try it out when I’m on 4G and see how responsive it is via that network.

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