Free GlideApp for Defects list for a new building

Following on from the HopOnHopOff tourist translation app that I developed and discussed in an earlier post, I wanted to extend the features in the app to suit specific needs. I decided to explore a Defects List app for a building site.

Defect lists are common, both during and at the end of contracts. Near, or at the end of a job, the designer goes around and lists all the faults that need to be repaired. There is a specific number that need to be done before practical completion, these usually relate to safety of occupants, after which the client can move into the building, and the remainder can be completed in the “defects liability period”, usually about 3 months, things like scratches/marks on walls, ceiling tiles, etc. These would be done outside clients working hours so not to interrupt the clients business.


Actual app link:

A project management mobile app- This allows access onsite to information for task list.

  1. The idea is a project manager can have a list of issues that need to be resolved-
  2. She/he puts them on a list and tasks certain trades/companies with doing the remedial work.
  3. The sub trade opens the app and scrolls to their trade/company and opens that and sees a list of tasks that need to be done. They resource and go and do.
  4. When a tasksย  is completed they push the switch to the right and also add aย  note about the item, maybe listing parts used or hours etc (for use for their own company time/parts management) or follow up work required by other trades that the project manager can task.
  5. When the switch is pushed to the right , the fixed item near the top of the Issue details shows YES. So project manager looking at the app, can see if tasks are completed.
  6. Trade/company contact details are listed for easy communication between trades.

How it was done

I was using some relational links that GlideApp can do that allows you to display other tabs on the main screen and cross link. I wanted both the Issues & the Trades on the Front Screen, so the relevant information was accessible by all parties using the app.

To make this happen, in fact, this was the excuse for this app, to learn how to use Glides Relations and InLine lists. These features allow you to display information from other tabs in your Google sheet on another tab, in this case, the Home Tab is displaying information from the Issues tab and the Trades tab.

I also wanted to be able to have a on to many reference between the Trades and the issues, so that, if you were a certain company, all the Issues that related to you were listed when you looked under your company’s list. So filtering only the specific issues that related to you.

To be able to develop these I used the information from the Glide YouTube tutorials below, I ended up making a copy of the employees template file and figuring out how he did it in that app following the tutorials and then used the same process on my app :

The project manager, or person updating the app needs to fill out information in the spreadsheet. Currently it cannot be done from the app. Because some of the fields cannot be fiddled with I think they would need to be coloured red or something, and people opening the sheet would


  1. Mobile, so easy to access by all
  2. A handy way for onsite trades to get the information on their phone, and company managers off site who can ring their crew and task them to do the work.
  3. Clear filtering by trade/company so they can see all the outstanding items they need to do.
  4. The spreadsheet list could be filtered to only show a particular company’s work and that list sent by email once a week with how many have been fixed to date (an overall management tool to monitor progress.

The app can be elaborated on in a number of ways:

  1. Add more trades to each issue, so if a fix needs a carpenter and plumber, they can both be tasked with the issue.(or more trades as well)
  2. A further layer could be added to say that an item has been checked – Maybe by architect on inspection and accepted? If not, an extra note added by inspector as to what else needs doing (a new Issue may be needed and the old one closed).
  3. If a task is updated on the app, this updates in the spreadsheet, eg the toilet was unblocked, then an email could be sent to advise project manager that the task is ready for checking. This is a Google Sheets add-in that can easily be setup.
  4. You could put a link to other documentation, or plans to add a resource.

End comment

A good exercise to demonstrate the versatility of GlideApps. I was pleased to be able to get a lot of information onto the home screen as well as cross linking information, especially being able to link the issues to the specific trades to make them more easy to manage.

I am pleased with the extra switch element & note to be able to signify that activity has been completed. I would like to link the sheet update to an email action, so when elements have been fixed an email is sent to advise that it has occurred, allowing for updating of tasks by the project manager.

The reference and one to one/one to many tutorials were a great help. I had previously tried to get that working but didn’t, the tutorials, and being able to copy the employees template across so that I could replicate the video were extremely helpful in getting my app to work, in fact, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them. So well done Glide posting videos on how to, I find them so helpful.

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