Free GlideApp for developing Art Gallery translation mobile app

Further to HopOnHopOff (HOHO) for bus tour I could see that this idea could be extended to other instances like Museums, Art Galleries and events. A way of extending the information about a specific subject by translating it into different languages, thereby allowing people to engage more with the subject at hand.

So, my initial attempt at a demonstration app was Free Glide to build translator app for city tour and the actual app is here.

That was fine as far as it went, but I ended up with 4 apps, one for each language and one for an overarching app that you started with that took you to each specific language app. If you had 6 languages, then you’d have 7 apps. I wanted to combine them all in one place.

Between the HOHO app and this one, I also explored a Defects List app for a building site. Here is link to app. Here is article Free GlideApp for Defects list for a new building. This taught me how I could keep all the information in one Google Sheet and only use one app for all the translations.

The City Gallery Exhibition app

Link to app.

I wanted the information on the front screen, so as soon as you opened the app, you had a choice for which language you wanted to view it in and then you would be able to read about it in a specific language.

General information, I had initially on the home screen but decided to relegate that to the 2nd screen of 2. I wanted to demonstrate the access to the translation and the exhibition rather than the Gallery, which is adequately managed on their site.

Google Translate

This I opened 3 tabs and went through cutting and pasting the English into a cell and then copy/pasting the translation back into the spreadsheet. It was tedious. I looked for a better way.

In fact, Google Translate will translate a document:

So I just cut/pasted the English part of the Google Sheet Tab that I wanted translated to LibreOffice Calc and saved that as as an .XLSX file. I then uploaded that to Google Translate :

It displays the result in a web browser:

You can Copy/Paste this into your Google Sheet on the next row down under the English text and it puts the data in the appropriate cells.

Aside: Excel/word translator feature

I’m using the LibreOffice process as its free. If you have Excel (a paid version, free online does not have it) under the Review Tab there is a translation button where you can select/copy text and translate it. I saw a video for this but have not tested it, so do not know if it works over a range of cells. Handy tool if you have Excel.

I will definitely be using the document translate method as you get the translations and the data structure for the cells. Much quicker. There were a couple of small things I had to tidy up. Black Atom 2013 translated into German as Black Atom 2013 whereas Black Atom translated to Schwarz Atom. I noticed that when I was doing each cell block manually, so could change it, but some things do need checking.

End comment

The process is still evolving. This is definitely an improvement on the HOHO app as it is self-contained within one app.

I’m still not happy with the titles but I may find a solution to this later. As a 2nd attempt I’m pleased with the results. I’m also very happy with the faster Google Translate process. That would allow quite a few more languages to be quickly added.

I will move onto the museum exercise next, that one may require a bit of OCR or a lot of typing.

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