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Koji app development platform I came across when looking at GlideApps and it is a free platform at present. GlideApps has a free platform too.

It builds mobile apps from an online site where you select an existing template and adapt it to your own needs. So rather than building an app from scratch, you have 80% of it pre-built and you tweak it to suit your own needs, then you can deploy it for others to use.

It is written in JavaScript, so a bit complex, but there is a simple interface if you just want to change a few minor elements, depending on the template that you use.

There is quite a good video that walks through its different features and explains how it works

This is where it is set-up for doing a basic survey app:

I used the above list template and copied it to use. I changed text names and background colour and deployed it. Supposedly it was using a remote database to store the data, but every time I opened the app the previous data had disappeared, so for me it didn’t work very well. I thought it had saved the data, but the next time I went into the app it showed blank. Interestingly if you started to add an item to the list the previous items appeared. Unfortunately you couldn’t edit previous items, so very limited. But as an example of deployment, it was interesting.

The notion behind the app is that developers could put apps in the marketplace and charge you for using their templates. A good idea, the effort for making the app is rewarded, as is Koji for hosting, and the user can tailor the app to their personal needs.

It is a good exchange place for coders and non-coders. Where non-coders can use a feature rich app and also request other features that the programmers can provide, for a fee.

At present it is pretty limited, but its only come live this month. I will be keeping an eye on the space.

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I like the idea of this app, it is open, transparent, and could potentially connect programme developers with users and non coders in a manner that would be very beneficial to all parties.

It is a good platform and shows you the simple and the complex side of the apps, and allows you to tailor apps to your specific needs, or potentially request a coder to adjust it to your needs , most probably for a cost, which would be more than reasonable, as long as the costs were not too prohibitive.

I can see a sort of flaw in the process in a developer creates a template that does not quite meet the users requirements and the user requests some alterations to the code. The developer quotes a price that is too high, so user may go to 3rd party to make those changes, thereby the developer looses out on those potentially extra fees. A bit unfair on the developer of the original idea.

At present, a limited number of apps, and mainly in game space rather than practical business apps.

The React JavaScript I only have a limited understanding of, and the code looks quite complex , from my point of view, at first glance.

I am enjoying playing with the potential of the GlideApp at the moment, that is not too arduous, code wise, at the moment, and I can create useful apps quickly.

I may have to drill into the Koji app a more deeply later on as it is JavaScript based and manages events really well, as does React, which is used for Facebook I think. So Koji could be a lot more versatile.

I will watch the template space to see if there are some interesting ones worth trialing. Also the YouTube space for some how-to videos to speed up the coding. I may even revisit the survey tutorial above.

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