Free GlideApp for Project Defect list moving COMPLETED ITEMS to another sheet

Following on from the 2 previous videos relating to this app, after a task has been completed, an email can be sent to the project manager, and others via the app to advise of its completion.

So we need to take this item off the TO DO list and move it to another list, and possibly another app, where the completed work can be inspected by someone, either the Project Management Team, or the Design team, such as the Architect/Engineer. See the video:

So I wanted a method to move any items completed from the To DO list to the DONE , but needs inspecting list.

The method is to copy the row of data to a new sheet and delete the old row.

I followed these articles by Jacorre, that are very good, in my opinion:

How To Move Rows of Data Between Google Sheets:

How To Create Custom Menus in Google Documents and Spreadsheets:

How To Display a Message in Google Documents and Spreadsheets:

The code that I developed for the app is here.

In the first video I developed a Defects List app:

In the next video I wanted to send an automatic email to project manager when a task had been completed by someone on site and confirmed change of status in the app.

Actual app link:

Spreadsheet link:


The principle of moving data from a sheet after repairs completed works. This is a crude method.

Using this method alone, you could filter the columns in ascending/descending order by the True/False columns and only move the tasks across that have been completed in a one off process. You could do that daily or weekly. In some ways I’d think about doing it on a daily basis just in case a Designer/approve was coming to site for another reason, and so could check the work and approve/reject it. If you left it for a weekly process then you could miss out on the ad-hock potential of designers visiting the site.

The next step is to have a single button that will run an iteration through the spreadsheet so that it moves all fixed items across to the fixed sheet.

A further process of automation could be added is that it was done automatically on a daily basis, so that Project Manager did not even have to open the sheet.

Next step

I think the development of an approving app for accepting/rejecting the work may be a worthwhile effort. It would be interesting to see if the rejected ones could be sent back to the TO DO list. Actually, I did a video on this here:

This brings up some thoughts about “NOTES” in the app. There maybe notes that the contractors/subcontractors want to communicate with each other that have no relevance for the designers, whereas other notes/comments may need to be passed on to designers. Also designers rejecting work need to advise why an item is still unacceptable too.

It would be good if you could upload photos from an inspection. Maybe the email process needs to be utilised to send the Project Manager the photos that could be uploaded for a specific fault?

Another thought on this subject is to use Google Forms , that allows for file uploads. Maybe there is a way to upload images, or maybe only one image, to a particular item. That way information can be conveyed without visiting site and could speed up the process.

End comment

From my previous exploration about automation of tasks, I think the Google Sheet Scripts have the potential to take some of the mundane processes and automate them.

I’m pleased that the moving of data from one sheet to another is possible, as well as deleting the row from the original sheet. It keeps things tidy. I also like the Script menu to allow the management of the scripts within the spreadsheet. This simplifies the process of running the scripts., and the notification pop-up is also handy, I think I may need to refine that too.

This is almost becoming a practical, viable app.

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