LinkedIn a waste of time

I think I’ve been posting onto LinkedIn for at least a year. Every time I created a post on my website or created a video I also put it up on LinkedIn.


Generally I had about 7-8 followers, I couldn’t see the sense in lots of obscure followers, I just got a lot of their posts of things that were not too relevant, or interesting, and generally they were things that they commented on, so no original content from them.

So maybe I wasn’t playing the linkedIn game as it should be played, but I felt I wanted to send the content I created out , and if it was relevant, it would be passed on. Generally it was passed on by my son and daughter, who did it out of kindness. So not a major following.

There were only really thumbs up from both of them, no one else. Comments, almost none at all. So I wonder at the point of it. Even if an article was read, if it didn’t get the reader to respond then the article couldn’t have elicited much response, not even for a thumbs up.

LinkedIn number of views

There were, supposedly, the “number of views”. But on looking into this it seems that if it ends up on your phone and you delete it, or scroll past it, it counts as a view. So people were not even reading the articles when they got onto their screen necessarily.

So after putting the effort into sending through this medium I questioned what the platform was giving me in return.

Looking at your profile

So, writing the articles may have elicited some interest in what you were doing to the point where people wondered who you are. They may look at your CV and say here is a skill-set that I could possibly use.

Not really, a few consulting agencies looked, some in private mode, and LinkedIn only showed a few of the views while stating “10 people have viewed your profile this week” to try and motivate you to try/buy premium.

More irritating than useful. Some people looked at your profile, and did what? Nothing it seems.

Also some of the people/companies that viewed were from very far away places, so not likely to get any useful work from those sources.


It pops up regularly saying they have 10 jobs in your profile area , and they are either in the wrong classification to the ones you have defined , or in different cities, so not much use there either. I don’t think its inaccurate, just not enough jobs in the right criteria so it pads them out. A waste of space and personal time looking at them.


It pops up with connections , because you both have a mutual connection. I didn’t know 95% of these people , and they were in totally unrelated fields, so I saw no reason to connect with them.

Early on I did try and make a lot of external connections and just got a lot of irrelevant articles that they’d liked in my opening page. So junk mail really, and I willingly opened the app to look at this stuff (actually I mainly went to look at the post statistics and ignored this stuff).

And the adds?

There are a few, and I ticked the box for non-targeted adds, so got lots of furniture ones. That was great as I filtered those right out.

LinkedIn did not do what it said on the box

So, on reflecting on my time with LinkedIn, I think I got very little out of the experience.

My goal was to increase my exposure by publishing posts/articles that I thought interesting enough to have written in the first place, and to share with others. So my original content. I thought it would elicit some response and interest, but the response shows that it didn’t.

I did not do many “likes” or re-post articles, as this I thought was rather lazy.

I think, this, like other platforms, you have to “Game” to get the returns. I am struggling with the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) on my website- It seems, the more I do, the less viewers I get, generally from about 400 views /month to around 275-300), so I think I’ll stop doing the SEO and just do the content.

Another reason for LinkedIn was the idea of “SOCIAL MEDIA”. You had to be in to win. I don’t like or use Facebook, I have an account to check up on Family who post there about once every 3 months, otherwise the account is dormant. I thought LinkedIn was a more appropriate medium for the content I was writing. Having “SOCIAL MEDIA” didn’t do much. So I can now discount that too.

So no connections made, sending out a bunch of original content that was barely acknowledged. No job connections made. So it did not fulfill any of my expectations.

So, as I’m getting nothing from using it, I see no point in continuing to use it. I think the effort of my contributions to bolster its statistics for other uses and be a “user” for advertising “views” may have been of use to LinkedIn.

So cost/benefit. All the effort/time I’ve put in for returns? Not worth it. So sayonara LinkedIn. You will just have to carry on without me.

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