Raspberry Pi 3 with Windows IoT Core OS

While on the Raspberry pi site, in the download section, there is a 3rd Party OS for Windows and I thought I’d like to try that out. My VPS is a windows server and I thought it would be interesting if I could boot the RPi up with different OS’s. There is a setup page with a video that you can follow. So I bought a 16 Gb MicroSD card and made sure it was class 10, which is a bit dated, but that is suggested requirement.

You download a setup file that opens on your desktop that allows you to install it on a MicroSD card

There is a link to other compatible items for the system including sensors. So that is handy to check on.

After the disk was formatted I’ve installed it into the RPi and its chugging away. First install failed so I reinstalled on SD card. Success, its on the RPi but it took a while.

I was on wifi with the IoT setup and it couldn’t find it on the Desktop IoT Core Dashboard, so I tried an Ethernet cable- direct between devices, that did work , then I had a bit of a challenge logging in but finally got there.

There is a remote interface from the desktop via web page “Window Device Portal”.

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I thought it runs a bit sluggishly and its not as interesting as the Noob’s Linux setup (that has LibreOffice already to rock).

There does not seem to be too many things on Mr YouTube about IoT devices with Raspberry Pi so, being a bit underwhelmed by the Windows IoT setup I’ll reboot back with the Noob’s setup instead.

The samples are pretty dull, and not too many of them.

I now have the MicroSD configured for it, so if I find something interesting to do I can always switch over to it at a later date and just run that under this OS.

Going back to Noobs it is noticeably faster than Win IoT.

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