Textify & Smart Caps Locks & win 10 update 1903 file open – group by Date

I’ve just buggered another computer, so loading software onto a new PC is tedious, but also good in that you can review programmes that you’ve loaded and you can consider if you want them on your new computer

A couple of productivity tools I want to ment ion are 1. Textify & 2. Smart Caps Locks.


I’ve used this app for a while now.This is a useful app for grabbing some text from places where its hard to select, like on a browser pop-up or some licence code details that wont let you select them. You are not using this tool all the time, but when you need it it does do a good job about 80% of the time (there are situations where it is not able to grab some text, fair enough).

It is a free tool and ou can get it from here.

It loads at PC start (if you want) and I forget about it until I need some text, then I go and look at what Fast Keys I’ve set for it and use it.

Smart Caps Locks

I’ve only just come across this one, and there are some variable writeup/comments on it from great to it crashing. I do look at my keyboard when typing, and looking up I see that I’ve written heaps in Upper Case as I’ve inadvertantly put the caps lock on, especially when using a new Computer. So this can change the case of your text by highlighting it and using a fast key to change it.

It is a free tool and can be downloaded here.

I’ll try it out and see how it goes. It fires up from a zip file and doesn’t seem to install to program files so I’ll leave it sitting in my Download directory and try it out.

win 10 update 1903 file open – group by Date

Something that has been getting up my nose is in the new windows update (october 2019) when you go to open a file from a programme instead of the folder/file tree as normal, its all grouped by date. Presumably the thinking is you want the latest file you’ve been using. Bloody frustrating trying to find older files though. So I went online to find the solution.

This article , scroll down to comment number 10, where it says :

“In the Open/Save dialog, right-click in the background select Group by > (None).”

You sometimes have to stretch the Open/Save Dialogue box out until you can see a bit of background with no column header to right click on, and it works a treat. Well done that person for the advice.

End comment

I’ll update this article regarding the Smart Caps Locks tool, its such a great little idea, I just hope it works well.