Revit presentation 2 Background images & graphics

This is a cool video on methods of presentation using background images, pre-set view templates, text as objects, filters and layering views over views, some in realistic and some in simple to give a mixed media feel, as well as using finishes and transparency to create filters. Very good and quick.

Different fonts as objects

In the video the library was talked about, loading different fonts to act as objects in 2D and 3D such as trees and people in silhouette. If you use Model text it is text in the model and so can cast a shadow, so more realistic in the views.

For people in silhouette go here. For trees go here. I particularly liked this Mosaic font. An interesting site to explore. Pattern is a good search, and Crepitus is good shield label, and some good Celt ones in this list. Deco and decorative also pull up some interesting fonts.

Another general presentation. Good use of parts & material tag

About 1 hour in it shows using elements as parts to describe assembly buildup with material tags. I think you need to lock views.


Revit pure has a good video on enhancing Elevations, see the video below. I must admit I wasn’t aware of the Silhouette feature but its good. The others I have been aware of but I like their take on it.

I also used Material tags, which I don’t ever recollect using before and you have to access them through the annotation tab and they are setup for the material description, that you usually have to go and fill in (most of the ones I was using were blank). Good for existing elevations just pointing out main external finishes. See video below:

Photorealism with Revit image

Another good teacher, The Revit kid. I like this tutorial. I’d use GIMP instead of PhotoShop but otherwise a nice process. This follows on regarding bringing image into sheet as background from the top video.

A good setup for Before/After with original photo and one with model showing alterations. I like the idea.

Revit scope boxes – use for different levels for displacement views

Nice idea here to use scope boxes to setup different levels so that you can then use several views to make displacement views showing what you want.

Also, can fix home button for a weird angle and set other views to alingn for that. Revit 2016 and above. You can do a similar thing with Section box in earlier versions

Roading on topo

This is something I need to do to add roads to topo surface. This adds extra realism for different surfaces on the ground.