yEd organisational chart from Excel

I’ve been doing some work for my daughter on her growing business. One of the things I was trying to work out was a flow process for the organisation, from seed o delivery and items needed along the way. I started to use to look at some of the flows and organizational structures and do linkings. OK to a point but lots of writing within bubbles and then organizing the bubbles.

I had an RSS feed on Visio and alternatives, all paid programmes so looked on AlternativeTo website and typed in Visio and then looked at the offerings. I was quite surprised to find a whole plethora of alternatives, and a lot of them free. For some reason LucidCharts pops up as a freemium. The free version is so cut down as to be a complete waste of time.

Two popped out at me, Think Composer & yEd. What really appealed to me with yEd is that you can upload an organisational chart from an Excel file and it will populate the information in the programme. You have to set a few relationships up first, but I really loved the idea of it. So I want to try it out.

I would work in Drawings and spreadsheets first, and , although nice, is not my normal method of organizing data, so I’m going to try the tutorial as shown in the video below. This can be a simple organization chart, and the nice thing is it can be updated over time from a spreadsheet. It might be a handy tool for my daughter.

There is also this video that adds extra coloured items to the palate:

I had a bit of problem with the file and ended up exporting another and cutting/pasting the body of the first file into it. The video is also good for quickly doing the settings. Thank you Andrew Critch.

Project – Excel to Org chart in yEd

I created a couple of videos to show how I extended the process from the initial tutorial YouTube video below:

I was quite excited about the hyperlink to the HTML code and put it in the iframe below, the links are only to YT vids, but its the process. Hover over a block in image below and click on tooltip to be taken to website. This doesn’t seem to work in the view of the page, but works when you are in edit mode. Something resizes the image so looses the hyperlink locations:

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Its an interesting programme. I like the building of the chaert from an Excel file, I don’t like the total rebuild required once saved as a different file type. I do like the hyperlinks in the HTML files, thats quite handy.

I need to think how I can build and lik data with this with the BIM info that I export. I need to mull it over for a while, as there is no obvious thing I can use this for, although relationships between rooms and data in a room might be an interesting hierarchy to explore and represent.