Bonjoro personal video enguagement app

I go to tech meetup talks around town. One i went to recently as about RPA (Robotic Process Automation). In the talk a few vendors were demonstration their services/programmes and showing Bank/Enterprise processes that included Chat Bots and other automated processes. They talked, on the one han about efficiency, and also about customer enguagement & support.

What leapt out at me was how I hate Chat bots. They miss the questions and give you some dumb unrelated answer, or ask you multiple questions to try and drill down to what you want, you have to respond in THEIR process and I find it a totally unsatesfactory experience. It is not about me, but a way I can fit into their automated process, makes me feel quite grubby really.

I saw this video on Dottotech about Bonjoro, watch the video through, it makes sense:

I liked the idea of the process and what it was doing, instead of well scripted, unpersonal text/email/video canned responses, you can deliver a personal email to the person signing up.

As mentioned in the video, looking at someones face talking directly to you has a personal feel about it and also it is, in my opinion, more trustful. You can’t hide your emotions, and if you do, you come across as totally insincere and that would kill what you are trying to do which is be personal and enguage.


There is a free account that you can start with, to give it a test drive, as well as being able to test drive some of the pro features. I like this setup. Some programmes immediately dump you with a 2 week trial of pro features, which you may want to hold back and use later when you’ve got your head around a programme, to extend how you think you may use it. So this is a good onboarding process. Try the minimal, if too limited, for a limited period try the pro and if that meets your needs, then pay for the pro version. A more customer focussed process.

Signing to free account

On signing up I got an email message from Matt Barnett, the chap in the Video above, so a persona lmessage which I’m pretty impressed with.

I like the way you can use your phone to respond, so you can be out and about and still be productive. An interesting comment was people using it in their commute time. A handy way to manage small, simple personal messages.

End comment

I’m not going to go any further with this at the moment as I need to setup a couple of items that I can then respond to. I have some thoughts on how I’d like to use it, but need them to ferment for a while.

This is such a great idea. I think this is a genuine way of showing personalisation for people using your services. A face behind the service/product. Well done Bonjoro team.