Modifying Text Case after writing, a few free methods

I am not a touch typer, so look at the keyboard when I type. Sometimes I’ve hit the caps lock key and suddenly half of what I’ve written is in upper case GRRRR!

Smart Caps Lock

I found a small free app called SMART CAPS LOCK that sits in the toolbar tray that allows you to reset the text case by selecting the text and using the CaPLOCKS key to cycle through the different cases. It is a bit unrelable, in that it disappears from my toolbar tray and I can’t remember its name, so end up re-typing it all instead.

Web page

While looking for the app name I now see there are online pages that will change your text, so you can cut/paste into a browser link and convert and paste back into your doc. Actually a simple solution. Here is a page that does this, look below the text window for conversion types.

Apparently in Word you can use SHIFT and F3 and that will cycle through the text cases, but it doesn’t work in Excel, so specific to Word rather than MS Office wide.


I was watching DottoTech, and he had a video on an App for Mac users PopClip and there is a Windows version called Pantherbar.

Pantherbar. Select any text in any application and Pantherbar will pop up lets you perform over 80 free actions instantely!

You download the App from Mcrosoft store then choose the Extensions that you want to use from the Extensions site here. There are a large amount of extensions, some I have already covered with Quick Access popup and Executor.

For the free version you can choose a couple of free items to use, and if you want more you can upgrade to the Pro account for $7.30.

My main focus is on Text cases, lathough the dictionary one also looks good too. So I’ll drop the UPPER CASE selection and try the dictionarty one instead. The image below shows that when you select text in programmes it then has a pop-up bar above so you can select what to do with it:

Apparently, you can change how Pantherbar behaves in different programmes, some are a bit weird. In Revit you select text and press the Text Case Change button and it just shows (Copied) so you have to paste the item and it’ll show the converted text. I think that happens in Excel as well in the Address Bar area.

In can be a bit inconvenient in WordPress editing sometimes, but a handy tool.

End comment

Text Case Change can be a bit of a pain sometimes, so Pantherbar could be a great solution, also as a productivity toolbar. I like the ones that you an select text and send to email. A cool feature.

I’ll try it out and see how it goes. I may find the pop-up bothersome, but only testing will show.