Github fork & single subdirectory download only

I was trying to use a Material-UI blog template to explore using React ans MUi. I went to their Github page and its massive, and the small part that I wanted to use I couldn’t access from a Clone Repository.

I was messing around inside github and accidentally Forked the repository. What this did is make a complete copy of that Repository in my Github account. Since I don’t seeem to have a limit on file size that I konw of , that was fine to an extent. It does fill up my repositories though so I’m likely o have a massive list to scroll through to find something.

Anyway, I got the whole repository forked but I don’t want to load the whole repository loaded into my PC, especially not my Surface 3 that suffers with speed issues anyway.

So for forking, here is codetrain to talk about it, and pull requests:

I found a simple video on the issue of donloading only a subfolder from a repository here:

The TortoiseSVN download page HERE. It does stick an options for the tool on your RIGHT CLICK mouse :

This may be a bid of bloat if you do not use it too frequently, but for now I’m trying to use the GitHub repo more to get familiar with it. I can always unistall it if I’m not using it.

This is a good video showing alternative methods, go to 4 min in (I think I have vid below set for that for downgit github repository then you have to run your own react server (I think) to use it:

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I’ll stick with the tortoiseSVN tool as i found that handy, right mouse click is a good place for it, it did the job for the Marterial-UI blog setup.