Subtitles in You Tube videos for extending reach of template apps

This is a vid on how to create Subtitles in different languages to add to your video.

I watched another indie App developer video (Indie = independent) and he talked about localisation for his apps, and the fact that he’d translated the information into different languages, even though it was just with Google Translate, he had a higher response & purchase of his apps.

So I thought about the template Apps I’m creating and decided to try and add some subtitles to extend the reach of the templates.

From Google trends globally in last 90 days, countries that stand out are India, France, Spain, Indonesia, Brazil & I added China, so have :

Subtitiled in Français/中文/Español/لعربية/Português/हिन्दी भाषा/ bahasa Indonesian. I’ve done the translation for 4 videos, all to do with the template apps. Maybe I should do a bit of multi-lingual info in the text area of the video, with a very brief translation for those languages on what the video is about.

Subtitle translator page is brilliant, best to load up the caption file each time as if you use it a lot it only half translates, and starts translating from the last language you’d translated to.

End comment

I’ll need to monitor the You Tube analytics, but they are not that good on my videos regarding countries of origin.

Worth a try to help people out. So if feedback is good I’ll add that to the process. Only motivated to do it if there is an income stream from it.