Cloud AHK & AutoHotKey with Win 10

I ‘m just resetting up my AutoHotKey(AHK) FastKeys (see previous post for activating on startup) when I wondered if you could use AHK’s with Revit.

i found this old YT video that does some interesting activities within Revit from 2008. A bit of a fuzzy video but good to see a useful application.

Also, fossiking about the web there was a comment about mapping Fastkeys and a comment on one of the Revit forums had someone mapping the Tilda key to Enter, to allow for left key enter on a laptop while using the mouse.

I tried doing this using This I found while watching a AHK webinar – go to about 22 minutes in :

As this maybe only a suitable tool for some programmes I also created another file that remapped “Tilda” to “Tilda” so that I could reset it back to how it was.

This is actually a really handy mapping for a lefty like me, I do find the “Enter” key on the right a bit irritating.

I have in the past also disabled the Caps key as I have fat fingers and constantly hit the caps lock when typing “a” so end up having to use a tool like pantherbar to convert UPPERCASE text to lowercase. It can be an irritating tool and I usually have it locked on my taskbar and only use it when I need to.

I will have to investigate pulling data into a AHK file from a .CSV file and pushing it into Revit. That looks as if it has potential for an automated process for updating Schedules. Generally there are programmes that take data from Revit to Excel, so its good to see a tool that pushes into Revit, especially in that you don’t have to lock the GUID (Global Unique ID) in on the data row to do so.

End comment

The CloudAHK is a great, simple interface, similar to App Inventor interface (also Blockly , which i haven’t tried yet). So you have a visual plug in coding panel which shows the code on the right, which you can cut/paste into a .ahk file and run. I like the visual nature of it. So definitely a tool to use in the future.

I need to do a bit more research into ways to reconfigure keyboard shortcuts to work in Revit. Do you map keys for when you are just working in Revit, and reverse them for other programmes, or only assign some keys? And can you assign some keys (eg Ctrl F3 to do multiple Revit actions in one call) and if so, which ones are efficient/effective?