Threadit free Google Video email

I saw Bynes RSS feed on Threadit a new video message service and looked into it a bit further. It is a bit like Loom but also allows others to clip their response to your video so that you get a more structured dialogue. It has a few interesting features.

This article Google Area 120 launches Threadit for teams to record video messages covers the information on it.

Their intro video idea is here:

I also di a quick video about it here:

I like the idea of it as I found Loom a good way to explain a design issue and this allows others to give feedback after watching it. The only issue is that some clients don’t use that method of communication so it can be a bit counterproductive. With OP project main project manager out and about and does not review emails, best for someone who works at PC so can easily open an email when it comes in and respond to it.

It works in the browser, and there is a chrome extension for it as well. The video or linked article discuss all its features, I don’t want to go into them again here.

Good things:

  • Free,
  • Back and forth videos,
  • Show full screen of computer to demo
  • Transcript,
  • Attachments,
  • allows for collaboration/feedback all around world as people can respond when convenient,
  • no special setup as using Browser to do operation and PC camera/mic.

Not so good things:

  • Transcript can’t be edited,
  • Person framing whole background (I couldn’t adjust this),
  • Attachments need to be linked to URL location (can’t just grab a file on your PC),
  • have to use link in separate email (not send link within programme).

A nice to have, which is a feature in Loom, is it flags when video has been watched. Its good to know its got to destination and has been viewed.

In some ways, the attachment may not bwe an issue, in that since you are emailing them the link to the video you can add attachment in the email. This means that you can attach a file on your PC, rather than uploading to GDrive and sending URL link. This is good if you want them to action something in the file as they can just send it back when they do their email to you.

End comment

I’ve no immediate use for it but definitely think it’s a handy tool, and its free. A little crude in places (not being able to adjust your screen size for person so get a lot of messy background. Good for getting feedback on an idea.