Gaming chair for lower back pain

I’m getting to be an old wrinkly and my lower back is starting to hurt when sitting at the computer. I did leave one job about 3 days in as their chairs were so awful I couldn’t sleep and 3rd day lost my temper and left, shortly afterwards I had a hip operation and that seemed to make no difference at all.

I have recently been having a bit more lower back pain and tried out some gaming chairs at Warehouse Stationary. Some were on sale and amongst them there were ones with lower back support. Generally all the same structure and fabrication methods with little extras such as arm rests that were movable or cushions or extra padding(lots of colours but as I’m not looking at those when seated I do not see as a selling feature).

There was a sale on and the ones that gave me the best comfort were around $200 but were mid-range, no lower back cushions and no rear tilt. The one that matches what I bought is below for about $300NZ :

I looked online and found the same chair on 1-day sales at 170$ + 40$ delivery with 4-6 days delivery, it tilts back and has cushions. The 4-6 days for delivery ended up being 9 working days which annoyed me a bit as previously the eScooter took ages to come too.

Chair being replaced

My original chair was free about 20 years ago when office was upgrading chairs, a real solid chair. I had fabric replaced on the seat cushion and was using a pillow as lumber support but that kept on slipping between the back and seat panel, so ended up getting a massage seat cover and using a towel propped at lumber area (and had to constantly adjust) to help ease back pain.


Articles I’d read stated these could be a pin to assemble. So I was a bit wary when taking all the parts out & looking at instructions.

In fact it was a simple assembly process. The components were all there and I used a drill instead of an Allen Key (which came with the chair). It only took me about 20-30 minutes to assemble and the single sheet diagram was pretty straightforward.

End comment

Hopefully the chair will improve my lower back pain sitting at the computer. /Overall happy with the purchase, just disappointed with delivery. Why on-line sites can’t manage the delivery times by extending them when things are busy to manage purchasers expectations is not clear to me. They can add a variable for times so that can be updated. If they said 9-20 days delivery, then that would be what I’d expect, but if it didn’t suit me then I’d pay a premium and but elsewhere.

So far cushion for lower back, which can be adjusted for height, is good. I like the pressure on the lower back area. This is a nice feature. I initially thought I’d just put a cushion on the back of the seat, but the straps allow you to locate the cushion to suit the curve of your back. So when I was choosing the chair I decided that this was an important addition that I’d like to have.

I have it tilted back slightly but may look at moving it upright as my head is nodding down to read the screen. I’m just trying a bluetooth keyboard for the Surface Book laptop so I can use a tray table to raise the screen to eye height. Only problem with that is that I’m looking down to type on the keyboard. I’ll have to try a few positions to get posture right.

As a first test drive it has a nice back support and shoulder shape of the chair is good too. I do like arm rests , unfortunately these are not adjustable ones but are of a reasonable length ( for forearms to rest on) and an OK height, although these could be packed a bit higher if needed.

I’ll need to update this article after using for a while. Today is Wednesday,June 23, 2021 . I’ll write an update after using it for a while.

Sunday, July 4, 2021

I’m still getting a sore back and my hamstrings seem tight in the morning and I’m stiff going to be. I feel comfortable in the chair, although I do adjust the back cushion a lot as it slips down to the seat after a while. I do find it hard to lounge in when watching a film in the evening. Maybe I should move to the lounger to do that?

It does make me change my posture a bit and I’m sitting more upright than my normal slouch, so that’s what I’m putting the new aches down to at the moment. The seat padding is not as thick as the original chair either and I’m wondering if that is making me sore too.