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Bone conducting headphones

I usually listen to audio-books on my phone by inverting the phone (so speaker upwards ) in my shirt or jacket pocket and listen to stories. It has a few issues: sometimes the stories are recorded quietly and there is no way to boost the sound so you’d carry the phone near your ear It

Some BBC articles on numbers

I was reading a BBC article on social isolation and came across 3 links about numbers that were quite interesting. One was The number glitch that can lead to catastrophe that talks about integer overflow and uses a lot of examples that were in an audiobook (Humble Pi by Matt Parker) on number errors that

Y2k38 Epochalypse

I’m listening to “Humble Pi” by Matt Parker about mathmatical & computational glitches and it mentions the Y2k38 bug. This is when a 32 bit processor will reach a binery count of 32 1’s and then reset to 32 0’s. 32 bit computers use Unix time, starting from 1 Jan 1970 as a start point

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