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aText review

I got a bit fed-up with LintaList being inconsistent & decided to try a different text expander. On my journey with this feature I started with the autoCorrect script with AutoHotKeys and found I had to open the script up, scroll right to the end to add another abbreviated text expander item, then restart the

AppGyver tutorials exploring data sources, airtables,, Firebase, Google Sheets (via & oData integration

I typed in tutorial for AppGyver and this one popped up. As Glideapps are looking to use Airtable as a backend, and I have an Airtable account I thought I’d give it a crack. Creating Dataset in Airtables and calling it in AppGyver It uses rest api calls to Airtable to get the information, so

AHK and .DLL files

.DLL are dynamic library files, that can be read by multiple executables all at the same time, reducing overhead. So you could put all your functions in a .DLL file and call them from all your other scripts, thereby keeping all your functions in one place. this seems a good path to explore now that