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I went to a WordPress meetup and the presenter was discussing the content on your website. Why are you doing one and what are your goals. That stumped me for a while, I’ve sort of fallen in the habit of building something and my previous goals which were not met have fallen by the wayside.

One image in the presentation was a mind map showing the content of the website and the branches from the main theme and the supporting pages/posts that tell the story of the objective of the site.

I have been busy creating content, and I think its time I sat back on my haunches and look to filter the information that I have.

A steady amount of hits are all to do with openMaint (a free FM tool that is difficult to run as it has multiple servers running concurrently and interfacing with each other). If people are still visiting my site for that subject then maybe I need to think about its relevance to the site overall.

The presenter suggested that you review your site and your goals and see how you may want to re-structure your site to meet those goals. He suggested using bubble/mind mapping tools. So I did.

Mind mapping online tools

I came across a couple, the first online one I tried was so limited I left it straight away. If you signed on you had to pay, the non-sign in meant it was immediately public. Not my cup of tea thank you. I then came across that is pretty limited in its free version, only 3 mind maps, but it gets the job done.

I t is easy to learn and intuitive. I really like this tool. I am not a great fan of mind maps, I’m a break it and try and build it another way processor.

But, after playing with GlideApps for a couple of weeks now I’m beginning to understand what it can and can’t do, and I’ve just started using Notion to track those apps. Some are copies (so I can post them to the community and they can break them without messing up my working app) , list below

So I started to look at things I’ve done and what else I can do with this app, so instead of looking at my website for mind- mapping, I’m doing one for the GlideApp

I would love to mess around with the colours, but for a free browser tool its meeting my needs perfectly. I can sketch out my points rapidly and by doing so shows other ideas to explore.

Because I’ve only 3 mindmaps that I can save I’m doing a couple in the same file.

I’m just zooming in and using Greenshot to screen capture the relevant mindmap. A good way of being able to keep a few ideas built. You can save then to different formats , or even go full screen for a presentation:

You can also embed on a web page or share with someone else:

Another feature I liked was “* space”. An odd key combination, but in a box it will create a list. You only identify this when you press the CTRL key and a small help pop-up comes up.

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I really like this tool. It is simple, logical and intuitive to use. There has been a bit of thought put into the navigation and help components of this tool so that it is easy to use.

I would use a tool like this over others as its not a tool I’d use that often, but when I do, I want to get right into the intent of using it, I do not want to be bothered with trying to learn the programme. Gimp would be an example of this, seriously powerful, but for simple things (like a YouTube front thumbnail, Canva is quicker and easier to use as its simple and intuitive (although I did have to look around for a few adjustments in that tool too).

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