Revit – Setup drawing Sheet Folders for simple browser ordering

In projects you create a lot of drawings. Some of them in a specific format, eg 100 series plans, 200 series elevations ….. There are also drawing packages, like a tender set for a specific package such as furniture that you want to send out at a different time to different people.

Being able to manage how those are displayed in your Revit browser helps to keep you sheets organised. I think the video below by Hyperfine Architecture is a great method for setting up the sheets:

I decided to follow their method. First create project parameter “SheetFolder” and then organize the sheet by this parameter. Putting the parameter under “constraints” Grouping means its at the top in the project browser, so easy to edit.

I found it pretty handy as my sheet set was getting to be a bit of a mess. I’d started doing some tender packages for some of the early phase work on the project and wanted to organise these so they were not getting in the way of my other packages. I also had some other packages to do with other consenting issues for early work and I can now organise these in a better method too.

I think I’ll have to start organizing my Views in a similar manner too, so will add a parameter for “ViewFolder”. I need to think of how I want to order those, I’ll most probably need a double filtering process.