Https again

I just got an email form LetsEncrypt saying that some protocol will not be continued after June and i need to update to Certbot.

That sounds fine, but going onto that it does not show a Windows server, so that confuses me.

I found a video about using Cloudflare to do the HTTPS certification on that and found that I’ve already set my wordpress sites up for that, so I’ll leave it until my websites crash again, which they have just recently.

Here is the vid on certs of WordPress sites with cloudflare:

I had, on my server Certify the Web which was a LetsEncrypt programme. I had a bit of grief with that and migrated to a command line tool that has been working fine for a long time. Then I had trouble renewing one of my certificates and I tried revoking it and adding another. It said I’dtried to creat too many in too short a time so came back later and it seemed to have resolved itself.

So I’ll just wait until after June and see what happens.

Maybe someone will post something about Certbot and Windows server, until then, I’ll keep checking my sites to see that they are online.