300 posts

Its been slower writing the last 100 posts compared to the previous 200. But I’ve got there, with this being the 300th post. You can view the actual table here.

Slower because of other activities

I’ve broken out of just exploring this area of posting and started doing a blog on cooking, meat curing, brrewing and other culinary issues on a seperate blog which has over 120 articles, so that has been a distraction .

Also, I’ve been making videos of some of the work I’ve been doing, especially the GlideApps and have been adding to the FM/AM ones too. The glideapp ones seem to be the most popular, and overall I’ve had over 20k views of the 118 videos I’ve posted publically on You Tube. They seem to help people so I’ll continue to do them.

Other changes

I think I’ve been using thew new Guttenburg editing rather than the classic most of the time and am used to it now. I struggled at the beginning but am happy with using it although I have not exploited it as much as I should. It works with the plugins better, in my opinion.

Although I’m in covid-19 lockdown at the present time the website has been steady but users are declining rather than rising.

The most popular posts still seem to be the OpenMaint ones, that seems to be the main reason for people visiting the site. I enjoyed doing those articles at the time, but I’ve moved on. I have thought about putting them on another site so I can see if people are interested in other articles I do, rather than just those ones. I’m still mulling that over. I feel a bit typecast.

I also seemed to get bombarded by Chinease Bots on all my sites this year, so stats for sites went way down for duration and way up for users. So that was a bit of a pain, it seems to have dropped off now, which is good.



I’ve broken out into general productivity tools for usual windows work and did a whole video series on apps/free programmes I found online that help you do things more productively. There are some good tools out there, but some are too onerous and too specific to use on a daily basis, still worth mentioning. I don’t think I packaged the videos very well, so not a massive response to them.

Revit content

Still doing a bot of this mut not rushing to do a massive amount. When something useful comes along I do it, otherwise I use Revit when I have a little project going.


I did quite a lot with GlideApps. This makes a mobile app that is built from a Google spreadsheet. I did quite a variety of apps and I still use my finance/journal app daily. Translator apps, museum/gallery apps/ conference apps/ defects app/ timesheet app/ reservation app/ calling api for data app/ an app of apps/ real estate app. A bit slow as you are calling a web page but pretty good as you do not have to do too much coding

3dpdf & panoramas

I did a presentation on 3D pdf’s wrong audience (programmers) but still good to play with some of the features, especially JS scripts in it.

IoT explore & home kits

I went ot a MicroSoft openday on this and got an IoT device then platyed with a few things, then looked at using old mobile as remote security cam, also old laptop tablet as WebCam. Also timelpse with Raspberry pi. I have some kits and may do more later.

Covid visualisation dashboard

This has plunged me down a rabbit hole looking at ways of getting data from websites and API’s and files (CSV) and consuming them. Also analysing data with Google Sheets, Excel (offline when Internet slow) and scripting using JaveScript and template literals. Also making maps, tables, charts on web pages, some with 3rd party links and CDN’s. Good for future dashboards.


Generally the US is main viewer, although China has been big with its bots this year. Spikes in users are due to bots.

Above my current month users, used to be about 400 per month, now down on that, especially time, that used to be at around 2 1/2 -3 min, so people were reading the articles, or some people trying to work through them. Now lots of bounce.

The big spikes were all the bot attackes, so time on site mas miniscule as the bots were on site for milliseconds and there were lots and lots of them.

End comment

Its been a busy year with the exploration of things. I’ve been distracted by domestic endeavors that I’ve kept separate, but I’ve also branched out into doing a lot more videos, in the “How To..” ilk. Good for me for back reference when coming back to a topic, and seem to be popular.

I’m happy with what I’ve produced and the range of information that I’ve explored but I don’t think my site has gained popularity at all, so it is really just for my main benefit or for casual visitors who find something useful. Not flattering on the ego really as its not being referenced or read.

I still feel its worth the effort and will continue to pay Contabo to host the site. It would be nice to be able to get some paid work out of all of this research. Hopefully it will be so in the time of the next 100 posts.

On the video side I’m over 1000 views for the last 2 weeks and have 193 subscribers. I think that’s Covid’s doing and people want to try and build apps.