Slow wordpress website reviewing how to speed it up

My main blog site now has over 300 articles. It has been noticably slower this year. I’ve tolerated it but its got th e point where I have to have a more focussed look at it.

Even opening the admin dashboard and opening a new post takes a while, which can be annoying when you just want to jot a few things down for scoping for an article.

I found this video on YouTube which addresses the matter and I like his approach and useful practical advice:

Audit score: 17 (out of 100) v.poor
Scripts loading on homepage-lots

I was not aware of GooGle Chrome Dev tool for Audit, its quite handy.

After using the Smush , Asset CleanUp: Page Speed Booster, Query Monitor add ins to check the site, these are the results for Mobile & Desktop. My site is pretty much visited by desktop so that is more the priority. I removed a few widgets:

  • list of links (for Email/and other sites, they are o the bottom of the page if people want to contact me.
  • I reloaded the category Cloud widget as that was playing up, it seems to be better reloaded.
  • The RSS feed. There are only 3 people using it, so I dont think it was that popular
  • The Google Translate in the nav bar. Since the page will translate depending on the settting of the languiage on the pc browsing, if they need translate they can open another browser page.
  • Popular posts. This is in the main pinned post at the top, so I wont repeat it.
  • At bottom was Business details, that was a bit faulty so I just removed it.
  • Also the bbPress for forum that was never used

Desktop site audit from 17 to 63/100

Not brilliant, but ok for a mornings work.

Mobile site now 49/100

Not brilliant, but faster anyway.

End comment

Its been bugging me , the slowness of the site. I’ve unloaded a bit on the home page, but this site has been experimental and I’ve added a hell of a lot of Plugins that I use on only one or 2 test post articles, so I’m not surprised that the side has been slowly going slower.

I should do an optimisation on the database as well. I’ll look for some more YouTube videos on improving the speed of the site.

I thought the video I follwed was really useful and practical. I’ll use those tools to look at my other sites.