WordPress and importing images problem

Recently I’ve been having issues with images not coming into WordPress Posts. I load an image from a screenshot and I get the following error:

Adding an alt attribute just shows the alt attribute when looking at the web page so that solution doesn’t work.

I’ve looked on the web and there is not that much out there about this issue, but some of the solutions seem a bit odd.

  1. Adding an alt attribute just shows the alt attribute
  2. rename the file to a single name – doesn’t seem to work
  3. update PHP on the server where WP is located (done)
  4. Drag/drop onto a page instead of inserting from file with normal dialogue box – loads but ends with same issue a lot of the time
  5. Clean the site up with a WordPress plugin for database and site. I did this but it didn’t seem to make any difference

This video demonstrates the Drag/Drop image into the page at about 7.45min into the video:

The only method I’ve had some success with is to select the image error box and change the settings to medium from Thumbnail , but that usually means the image is not as sharp, and you have to rescale up the image size. A lot of bloody work where there wasn’t any before.

Handy Hint aside- Start YOUTUBE VIDEO at a specific playtime

A quick hack for getting video above to start at a specific time is using the share button for the video and using the Start at Tick Box

End comment

I’m sure I’m, going to be doing some more searching on this topic in future and hopefully find a good simple solution. I’ve got the post set up now so can come back to it and try/add other possible solutions.

I added, about a year ago SMUSH plugin for images and maybe that has been an issue, I unloaded it and reloaded it, that may need to be investigated further.