Bookmarklets part 2

Further to previous post on Bookmarklets, I’ve been using them and find them easy to use, practical & they do increase my web browsing productivity. I was thinking that there may be a few more I could find.

Bookmarklet Combiner

One issue I do have is that they take up ribbon space in the Bookmark toolbar. I don’t want to use folders as I have to drill down to find them, I prefer to have the visual queue on the bar itself, and if the Abbreviation for the Bookmarklet is too terse I can’t figure out what it does.

I came across a site that pointed to Bookmarklet Combiner that allows you to make a list of all the bookmarklets that you use, it stores the list on a website and you end up with a pull down menu, but the Names can be long and descriptive. I thought this was a great idea

I thought it was a great idea, but in fact it’s a bit laggy, so I may have to go back to creating individual Bookmarks of each Bookmarklet with a better, extended descriptor/title and put them in a folder. I’ll persevere a little longer with Bookmarklet Combiner, but I fell, in my heart of hearts, it will not work for me.

One good thing about it is that you can share your URL to this list with others, so they can put the same button menu on their site. A good way to share a list of Bookmarklet scripts with others.

A couple of other things. 1/ If you go back to the URL of the specific list eg then it shows you that setup, if you then change it, eg adding another bookmarklet to the list, it still keeps the original bookmarklet in the Bookmark ribbon, so I’ve been deleting that & dragging a new bookmarklet up to take its place. A wee problem with that is I am using one of the empty fields to store the original URL , so if you delete that bookmarklet then you loose the link to the list of bookmarklets and have to start from an empty setup again. 2/

Encrypt/Decrypt Bookmarklet

There is a fun one that allows you to use ROT13 ( see Wiki article on it) encrypting selected text or site by substituting the 13th letter along with the original letter, this encrypts the letters , and if you run it again then it will bring the text back to the original legible text

javascript: var coding = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzabcdefghijklmABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZABCDEFGHIJKLM";  function rot13(t) { for (var r = "", i = 0; i < t.length; i++) { character = t.charAt(i); position = coding.indexOf(character); if (position > -1) character = coding.charAt(position + 13); r += character; } return r; } S = window.getSelection();  function t(N) { return N.nodeType == N.TEXT_NODE; }  function r(N) { if (t(N)) = rot13(; } for (j = 0; j < S.rangeCount; ++j) { var g = S.getRangeAt(j), e = g.startContainer, f = g.endContainer, E = g.startOffset, F = g.endOffset, m = (e == f); if (!m || !t(e)) { /* rot13 each text node between e and f, not including e and f. */ q = document.createTreeWalker(g.commonAncestorContainer, NodeFilter.SHOW_ELEMENT | NodeFilter.SHOW_TEXT, null, false); q.currentNode = e; for (N = q.nextNode(); N && N != f; N = q.nextNode()) r(N); } if (t(f)) f.splitText(F); if (!m) r(f); if (t(e)) { r(k = e.splitText(E)); if (m) f = k; e = k; } if (t(f)) g.setEnd(f,; } void 0

So you can encrypt some web text and then send a html file to others who can open it in a browser and use the decrypt bookmarklet

There is a site that can do this in other scripts so it might be worth playing with a AutoHotKey Script that would do it. I might try that later.

Find Shared Login for Site bookmarklet

This is one I’ve found useful, a few of the news sites I visit ask you to login. This checks the site to see if there are any public logins you can use. I’ve found it useful for a few sites but for things like Bank Sites or url on Paywalls this doesn’t work. But a handy little bookmarklet to try. Its allowing me to read some articles I thought I wouldn’t be able to. Worth a crack.

javascript: (function() { var url = ('' + escape(location.hostname)); w = open(url, 'w', 'location=no,status=yes,menubar=no,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,width=500,height=400,modal=yes,dependent=yes'); if (w) { setTimeout('w.focus()', 1000) } else { location = url } })();

Create Google Calendar Event bookmarklet

This sort of works but it doesn’t ad the info highlighted into the subject line of the calendar event, still, it allows for a quick setup of an event in my browser , rather than jumping into thunderbird calendar tab to do it.

javascript:var s;if(window.getSelection){s=window.getSelection();}else{s=document.selection.createRange().text;}var t=prompt('Please enter a description for the event',s);if(t){void(''+t+'&action=TEMPLATE&pprop=HowCreated%3AQUICKADD'),'gcal'));}else{void(s);}

Enable Text Selection on this site bookmarklet

This is one I’m finding useful. I get to the front page of Stuff News and if I try and select headline text it just acts as a link, with this bookmarklet it allows me to select the headline to cut/paste into my blog. I’ve had that issue on a number of sites so I’m pleased I’ve found it.

javascript: (function() {function R(a) { ona = "on" + a; if (window.addEventListener) window.addEventListener(a, function(e) { for (var n = e.originalTarget; n; n = n.parentNode) n[ona] = null; }, true); window[ona] = null; document[ona] = null; if (document.body) document.body[ona] = null;} R("click"); R("mousedown"); R("mouseup"); R("selectstart"); })()

Other Browser tools. Note taking in browser

I’m still trying to get an easy notepad for the browser. I’ve got a few but none seem easy or convenient and I sort of juggle between them.

An issue I have is that I make a note on one PC and when on another, those notes aren’t there. Eg Nine Notes & Firefox notes, both use the sidebar. I’m sort of leaning towards Firefox notes nowerdays rather than Nine Notes.

To resolve the issue of being on different PC’s is to use Google Keep, which is handy to get information accessible across devices, but I mainly use it for shopping lists.

I did have one that did sticky notes on specific web pages, and there is one I’ve just installed called OurStickys-Sticky notes on every page. This has the advantage of putting notes on the web page that it pertains to and you have a list of notes and the website in the Add-In.

I was playing with a couple of bookmarklet notepads, these come out in a separate window , one I tried you didn’t have to save, and next time you hit the bookmarklet it came up with the original data, another you had to save and then go back and open the specified file (hard work). I need to do a bit more experimenting to find alternatives but this will be on the local PC but if its handy then that may be a more natural workflow for me.

End comment

I’m enjoying exploring bookmarklets and finding new, useful ones that work easily in the actions I’m doing.

I’ll need to organise them so that I can add more to test and make the others easy to access without bloating my bookmark ribbon.

Definitely a useful tool to speed up browser workflow.