AutoStarter X4 & SystemTrayMenu productivity apps for non-coders

I came across the first app and thought about my open tabs AutoHotKey script and thought that it could be replicated quite easily by non coders with Auto Starter X4, and thought that would make a good video for Free Productivity Video playlist. While looking at that program the System Tray Menu (STM) one looked interesting so I downloaded that as well. With STM you need .Net Runtime that you can get from here.

I did a video on it and demo’d shortcuts and getting shortcuts to taskbar (Putting Explorer “C:/……) before target t\for the shortcut, also demoing putting the shortcut into the start menu with run & shell:startup.

Another item I showed was how to extend the .bat file to include other instances of the same code so that you can extend the program.

For non-coders I thought it was a useful tool to be able to be able to set up and use bespoke startup tools that relate to the persons preferences without too much help from technical people. Its always frustrating when you see something and you can’t get those things to work on your own PC.

Overall it’s a pretty nifty program for starting programs, although for saving and ending programs you’d have to learn a bit more about DOS & batch files.

Its good to keep momentum up with the productivity tools as that is something I think is quite useful for general Windows users , the idea of getting the chores out of the way so you can focus on the good stuff.