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Hi All,

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I have noted that there seems to be quite a bit of interest from you out there on my openMAINT setup and configuration blogs. Obviously you are interested in the product and interested in getting instances of your own up and running.

I am sure your configuration is different and would be really interested in how you are configuring and setting up your system and how you are are using it.

The Forum requires a login (unfortunately 8 digits minimum, an upper case, a lower case and a number) and basic info.

You are able to start topics under the main Forum Headers, at the moment these are : 1/openMAINT, 2/Visualisation of Assets & 3/ Revit/BIM for Asset/Facilities Management.

If you would like any further Forum Topics please email me and I’ll add them in.

I thought I would add a forum to the blog. This was initiated by the “cryptic” responses I noted on the forum for CMDBuild for openMAINT. I do not think that the help in that Forum is particularly helpful.

I am having a few issues with email at present and am trying to find my way to get that operations, so if anyone can help me on that I’d really appreciate it.

kind regards,

Max Drake

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