Author: Max Drake

eScooter punctures & replacement tyres

Back wheel flat number 1 Well, it had to happen. I’d just charged the battery overnight and was planning to use it out at Petone foreshore and the back tyre was flat. I’d ordered an inner tube when I bought the scooter and had a puncture repair kit so decided to fix it. I’d seen

WordPress and importing images problem

Recently I’ve been having issues with images not coming into WordPress Posts. I load an image from a screenshot and I get the following error: Adding an alt attribute just shows the alt attribute when looking at the web page so that solution doesn’t work. I’ve looked on the web and there is not that

Using eScooter Part 4

Weather has been terrible, Southerlies & rain so that has slowed my usage down of the Sonic 600 scooter. Scooter dog walks Jess, my Huntaway dog who’s almost 8 years old has started to figure the scooter out. She does not like to be in front, a place she prefers to be normally, with a

GoPro video editor

I indulged in purchasing a 2nd hand GoPro Hero 5. I got it from trademe for $315. The bundle had the GoPro and also a few extras to go with it including hand grips, chest & head harnesses and a couple of batteries & charger & Micro SD card. There were older & newer models