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Cloud AHK & AutoHotKey with Win 10

I ‘m just resetting up my AutoHotKey(AHK) FastKeys (see previous post for activating on startup) when I wondered if you could use AHK’s with Revit. i found this old YT video that does some interesting activities within Revit from 2008. A bit of a fuzzy video but good to see a useful application. Also, fossiking

Amazon Honeycode

Amazon Web Services(AWS) have just released Honeycode (, to help businesses develop apps without code. It allows you to have 20 people in a team (to share apps) and 2,500 rows of data and as many apps as you want. It works on mobile phones through its free downloadable app that you need to be

Location Tracker with App Inventor 2 using phone sensor to Google Sheets and then link to GlideApps

I lke GlideApps, they are cool. You can make some great apps with them. But you cannot access youtr phone’s sensors. So I thought, use App inventor to grab data from phone sensors, send it to google Sheets and then use GlideAppps to access the same google Sheets with that data to make a richer