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Shares Data 2. Graph in Excel from Web and Graph from API to web page

         In the previous post “Stock Data 1. Capture via API and Excel from Web” I used Excel to grab some data from the Web & show it as a Table inside Excel. After bringing the data in I had trouble creating a chart from the Table. So, after messing around with the Charts again today

Orange free Data Mining Tool

          I was looking through 101-useful-websites article and came across and used it to look up alternatives to say “Revit” and “AutoCad” and other tools I use. I then typed in KNIME which I use for data mining, data analysis and it came up with Orange as a free alternative.  So I looked at

Python 8. Jupyter Notebook

          There is an interactive tutorial here running Python. This instance is running from another website so could be slow. I found this video extremely good for setting up (I used the pip install method not anaconda) and how to use it. The Jupyter Notebook The Jupyter Notebook is an open-source web application that allows

Forum for mutual help

         Hi All, Forum tab next to Home on menu bar. Or HERE I have noted that there seems to be quite a bit of interest from you out there on my openMAINT setup and configuration blogs. Obviously you are interested in the product and interested in getting instances of your own up and running. I