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Covid by region NZ -map representation- Part 5

        The Ministry of Health(MoH) have posted the original dataset on a different web page of each case and which District Health Board (DHB) they are under. The data can be found here. Instead of by region, its mapped to the District Health Board Regions. So the original map I was using in this post is

Covid by region NZ -map representation- Part 1

         I’m thinking of trying to do an NZ map of regions where cases are. I’m using link to Wikipedia 2020 coronavirus pandemic in New Zealand page for data on region data. I have been looking for polylines for these regions and also centroids for region polylines. No luck so far with centroids but I

Study of Wellington & Harbour Dam for Sea Level Rise. City roads app & scripts

        I really enjoy the curated maps that Keir Clark presents on his Maps Mania website. I get them through my RSS feed and there are some pretty interesting ones. He had this article Sub Francisco about Andrei Kashcha’s City Roads rendering in brouser of a selected city roadways. After selecting your city of choice you

QGis Madeira Basic conns to Maps/.csv’s/Databases

        I thought I’d have a look at QGis again now that it has been updated. I’m always wow’d by what people can do with the GIS mapping. Unfortunately for me I’m an amateur playing in this area. I did a cartography course at Uni way back and enjoy exploring some mapping tools. As QGis and

Free Circle Dock & new QGis

        I came across this Dock in a YouTube video that I thought was quite fun. Circle Dock Circle Dock is a pop-up dock that you can add programmes and folders to. I have used shortcuts on the desktops for items I have on the task bar and then dragged them onto the wheel. They then

Free Mobile & Web Survey Application for easy data collection using Open Data Kit (ODK)

        After trying and writing post about EpiCollect5 I decided to look at another data collection tool, Open Data Kit (ODK). A brief overview of it in video below: This has some strengths and weaknesses over EpiCollect5. Weaknesses: Only Android App, not Apple (but since there are lots of cheap Android mobiles this is not a

Free Mobile & Web Survey Application for easy data collection using Epicollect5

         I had a couple of attempts at creating a mobile phone app for surveys. See this post and this one. I got distracted by the CRUD process and let it rest for a while. Whilst looking for some Python Mapping tools, I came across this article regarding capturing GPS data and was taken with