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Web 2. Google Sheets to Web – ICF Canoe Polo 2018 World Championships Welland Canada

My son in law, Karl Reece is playing in the Canoe Polo 2018 World Championships Welland Canada for team USA. I am very impressed with his accomplishments. Come on USA & NZ. Games played, won/lost based on Groups in table below at the end of 4/8/2018 at Canoe Polo 2018 World Championships Welland Canada.  I

Excel web scraping and connecting to database. Dynamic updating of Excel imported data

After writing the previous post on web scraping and the example given of using Google Spreadsheet to obtain a web table I started wondering about Excel. I was aware that it had a web connection so decided to explore those. This first video shows how to automate the data scraping  from websites into Excel: Then

Building Data Wrangling for Analysis using Power BI, Knime, Excel & SQL Express

This is the LINK to the report. The idea is to use powerBI to display data about different elements on a Dashboard so you can drill into the data. In the above screenshot I have tables showing Standard, Upper & Lower Baselife Data with conditions by colour and a map referencing where the properties are

Download Excel Macro for testing extraction data from 3D PDF’s

Please download and play with the data extraction process from 3D PDF’s to Excel. This is a  a reduced functionality demonstration version of the Excel Macro developed for extracting information from 3D PDF’s. The Macro only works on Room data from the 3D PDF’s. There are also samples of 3D PDF files with Data &

Excel filterable Heatmaps for Asset Condition over time online

A method for showing condition heatmaps is using Excel to display the condition of the elements over time. Another post Heatmaps for visualising exterior and interior space conditions uses D3.js heatmaps. The good part of this is that you can use filters to explore the information and drill down into the data. Video (4min) I

BIM back capture Building Services Data Part 2 -Systems

In the first article here regarding capturing building services data on existing buildings, the focus was mainly on discrete components that sit in a system, with for instance lights, there may be an issue regarding which circuit they are linked to which switch or circuit fused in a sub-board, and this could easily be added