Category: Productivity

Amazon Honeycode

Amazon Web Services(AWS) have just released Honeycode (, to help businesses develop apps without code. It allows you to have 20 people in a team (to share apps) and 2,500 rows of data and as many apps as you want. It works on mobile phones through its free downloadable app that you need to be

Win 10 Power Toys & QTTabBar

These are two useful productivity tools for windows users. The first has some handy tools that can be switched off until needed, the 2nd is something that I really want. Power Toys Power Toys is an interesting free Windows tweek app. There are some new features that look as if they can help productivity. I’d

Github revisited

I’m looking at trying to host a node.js instance on something like Heroku and for pushing to Heroku I saw in the Code Train videos on deploying node that Daniel was using git commands to push the info across to Heroku. Another reason is that I’m sometimes working in the bedroom, sometimes in the living

300 posts

Its been slower writing the last 100 posts compared to the previous 200. But I’ve got there, with this being the 300th post. You can view the actual table here. ο»ΏYour browser does not support iframes Slower because of other activities I’ve broken out of just exploring this area of posting and started doing a