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OpenMAINT Open Source Facilities Management Programme Overview

        Video (17.21Min) This is my quick overview of OpenMAINT. It is an open source solution for the Property & Facility Management; an application for the management of buildings, installations, movable assets and related maintenance activities. It is build on the IT (Information Technology (Computer Management)) programme CMD Build and modified to use for Property Management.

How to Set Up Room Data Sheets in Revit with (NOW FREE) WhiteFeet add-in

        Update October 2019. Mario Guttman has very generously made Revit Whitefeet Plugin –All versions free. Go here to see about it. Well worth having an explore with these tools as they are practical and useful. Thank you Mario. Video (13. 28Min) Room Data Sheets are useful, they describe the room in a multitude of detail

Totally FREE Property Management Information Site Part 2

        This post follows on from Totally FREE Property Management Information Site (apart from your time) Part 1 Video (6.16Min) The main property plugin is this one: WP-Property-Property and Real Estate Management Plugin for WordPress. Create a directory of real estate / rental properties and integrate them into you WordPress CMS. There is a video on

Totally FREE Property Management Information Site (apart from your time) Part 1

        I have a Property Information Demonstration Site that can hold information on properties in a portfolio. Video ( 9.30Min) Being currently unemployed I have time to explore the AM/FM visualisation area that I am interested in. Tools that I use need to be either free or common. On WordPress sites I am always looking for

Excel filterable Heatmaps for Asset Condition over time online

        A method for showing condition heatmaps is using Excel to display the condition of the elements over time. Another post Heatmaps for visualising exterior and interior space conditions uses D3.js heatmaps. The good part of this is that you can use filters to explore the information and drill down into the data. Video (4min) I

Quick Drawing access anywhere online with PDF download

        Having access to the information quickly is important. My experience has been that if people try and assume and guess they usually end up doing a lot more work than initially envisaged. Having information early means you can plan and anticipate. Revit creates Web Page with Images This video (7.38min) shows you how to export