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Asset Tiger 2. Testing features Search, Delete, Export/Import & Data Structure

          After writing the initial post which I wrote whilst setting up and populating the database I had a further play, using the Mobile App, or rather, I didn’t get very far at all. The company who set up the free Asset Management Site make Bar Code tags, so the accessing of data would be by

Forum for mutual help

          Hi All, Forum tab next to Home on menu bar. Or HERE I have noted that there seems to be quite a bit of interest from you out there on my openMAINT setup and configuration blogs. Obviously you are interested in the product and interested in getting instances of your own up and running. I

Building Information Site and Bar/QR Codes

           Note: a QRcode reader would be useful to read the codes to understand the usefulness of accessing data for Facilities Management. After capturing data about buildings, the information generally gets stored in an AMIS (Asset Management Information System) for use for forecasting and managing assets. These systems are usually sophisticated and not easily used.

QR Codes and testing

           I printed out some of the QR codes using an inkjet printer for testing. I had a variety of results with the QR code readers I used on both my Windows 10 phone and Windows 10 tablet (so all apps/programmes were free windows based, not tested with IOS or Android Apps). With iOS and