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Azure ComputerVision project test

        For the all day presentations on MS Azure AI they gave a voucher for 7 days for trying out the services. I am interested to see if I can get something up and running. So I’m going to start with the Computer Vision. Of course, this is not as easy as the demo’s make it

Azure Cognitive Services review of all day presentations

        I went ot a day presentation on Microsoft AI cognitive services on saturday (14th dec) and although it started slow, some of the presenters were very interesting. The afternoon sessions weere definitely more interesting than all but one of the morning sessions. ML build insights one from Xero, Simo Carryer, who was trying to implement

VPS, PHP, WordPress & image upload issues

        Uploading a new WordPress site to my VPS (Virtual Private Server) became a bit of a problem a couple of months ago. I was trying to set up a simple template site for my Son-in-law for a woo-commerce product site. Unfortunately my VPS did not want to do so, even using the Microsoft web platform

IoT part 2 with Button

        Further to my earlier article ” Physical Ms Flow button -IoT part 1” I have been tinkering around with Arduino code & Flow buttons a bit more. Some successes and some failures. The failures I cannot seem to connect to the device any more. So updating the code in Arduino desktop does not re-install on